Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Busoga gets a new King - Cultural Safaris Uganda

After a long time nearly six years without a King,Busoga one of Uganda's prominent ethnic tribes finally crowned a new King locally called "Kyabazinga". The coronation took place last Saturday in Jinja,Busoga's capital city and the function was graced by delegates from different countries including those from within the country.The happiness that the Basoga people expressed that day was a lot as they saw their King being given the cultural objects which are only given to Kings.

It should be noted that there have been wrangles within the kingdom and these were mainly caused by different chiefs coming out and fighting for the Kyabazinga position.Busoga is divided into 6 chiefdom each with a leader and its from these leaders that an overall King is elected.It so happened that the lake Kyabazinga,Henry Waako Muloki died without choosing his successor and this led to serious conflicts as the chiefdom leaders were fighting for the throne.According to Busoga cultural laws, each chiefdom is supposed to rule once and then another is chosen.However,the son of the lake King,Prince Wambuzi wanted to succeed after the death of his father a thing which was not welcomed by the kingdom elders and this caused conflicts in the region making it difficult to chose the right King.

However,late last month the elders sat down at the Kindom's palace and elected Prince William Nadiope as the new Busoga Kyabazinga following a long period of struggle.Some tourists who were in Uganda at the time had a chance of attending this remarkable event full of historical experiences.Some even had to shake hands with the new Youthful king in the presence of a large cheering crowd.

Busoga is among the 45 ethnic tribes of Uganda which receives very many tourists from different parts of the world on their cultural safari to Uganda.The main challenge most tour guides have been facing on their visit to Busoga is answering questions related to the Kingship of the kingdom but after the coronation of a new King,their work will become smoother than ever.

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