Thursday, 30 October 2014

What makes a Uganda cultural safari more unique

Whenever a true African culture is talked about, one can never forget to thing about Uganda which is one of the few countries in the world with over 45 ethnic groups each with its unique norms and customs. It is this reason that the country has gained fame over its neighbors when it comes to cultural safaris and today as you read this, this East African country receives the highest number of cultural tourists.

One may wonder what’s so special with the culture of Ugandans especially if he/she has never been to the country. He/She might have read some literature about it but never picked interest. However, the truth behind the rich norms that different settings of the people of Uganda believe in is best understood when one personally visits the country and have a live view of some of the practices carried out by the people. Though most of the ethnic groups fond in the country migrated from other areas like West Africa, it is believed that the real concentration of the true African culture moved with them and it can only be explored from this “pearl of Africa”.

Uganda has over 45 ethnic groups each with its own cultural norms and values. These are strategically located each found in its own region and when you come on a Uganda cultural safari, your trip will be simple as you won’t hustle looking for the various tribes for long hours. However, urban areas especially the capital city of Uganda, Kampala are occupied by people from different cultural backgrounds and one thing that pools them together is business. They leave their home villages and come to the city to forge a way of living. This is the reason why when on a Kampala city tour, you may get surprised to hear over 45 different languages in just one day.

Therefore, for an adventurous cultural safari that will provide you with the most appropriate experience you have been looking for, Uganda is the best destination.

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