Monday, 13 July 2015

Uganda to exploit Pope’s Visit – Uganda Tourism News

Uganda to exploit Pope’s Visit – Uganda Tourism News
Since the news broke to Ugandans that the pope finally agreed to visit the nation, happiness was evidenced on different nationals especially Christians. However, tour operators in this East Africa country saw it in a different angle. They look at it as a chance to make more dollars as many people will jet into the country together with the pope. Actually, due to this visit, some foreigners have booked their trips with different operators and their main reason is to come and witness the pope’s stay In Uganda. Apart from getting business, operators expect this visit to market the country’s tourism fraternities to the rest of the world. 

Today as you read this, Uganda is set to become the third most visited country on the continent and this means that its worth being called “the pearl of Africa”.
Uganda was named the leading tourism destination in Africa and this created a huge competitive advantage as it experienced a great increase in the number of visitors thereafter. The numerous attractions in the country have played a greater role in attracting people from different corners of the world. Some of the activities that have led to increased Uganda Safaris include;- Gorilla Tracking, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife tours, nature walks, cultural walks, bird watching, city tours and many more. Some of these activities are so unique that they cannot be found in other countries.

For a chance to witness this Pope’s visit which is slated to be in November this year, inquire with us on our website and we shall arrange for you an amazing hard-to forget tour that will extend to other destinations in the country. You don’t need to worry about transport and accommodation while on a safari because our company shall book everything for you.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

What makes a Uganda cultural safari more unique

Whenever a true African culture is talked about, one can never forget to thing about Uganda which is one of the few countries in the world with over 45 ethnic groups each with its unique norms and customs. It is this reason that the country has gained fame over its neighbors when it comes to cultural safaris and today as you read this, this East African country receives the highest number of cultural tourists.

One may wonder what’s so special with the culture of Ugandans especially if he/she has never been to the country. He/She might have read some literature about it but never picked interest. However, the truth behind the rich norms that different settings of the people of Uganda believe in is best understood when one personally visits the country and have a live view of some of the practices carried out by the people. Though most of the ethnic groups fond in the country migrated from other areas like West Africa, it is believed that the real concentration of the true African culture moved with them and it can only be explored from this “pearl of Africa”.

Uganda has over 45 ethnic groups each with its own cultural norms and values. These are strategically located each found in its own region and when you come on a Uganda cultural safari, your trip will be simple as you won’t hustle looking for the various tribes for long hours. However, urban areas especially the capital city of Uganda, Kampala are occupied by people from different cultural backgrounds and one thing that pools them together is business. They leave their home villages and come to the city to forge a way of living. This is the reason why when on a Kampala city tour, you may get surprised to hear over 45 different languages in just one day.

Therefore, for an adventurous cultural safari that will provide you with the most appropriate experience you have been looking for, Uganda is the best destination.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Busoga gets a new King - Cultural Safaris Uganda

After a long time nearly six years without a King,Busoga one of Uganda's prominent ethnic tribes finally crowned a new King locally called "Kyabazinga". The coronation took place last Saturday in Jinja,Busoga's capital city and the function was graced by delegates from different countries including those from within the country.The happiness that the Basoga people expressed that day was a lot as they saw their King being given the cultural objects which are only given to Kings.

It should be noted that there have been wrangles within the kingdom and these were mainly caused by different chiefs coming out and fighting for the Kyabazinga position.Busoga is divided into 6 chiefdom each with a leader and its from these leaders that an overall King is elected.It so happened that the lake Kyabazinga,Henry Waako Muloki died without choosing his successor and this led to serious conflicts as the chiefdom leaders were fighting for the throne.According to Busoga cultural laws, each chiefdom is supposed to rule once and then another is chosen.However,the son of the lake King,Prince Wambuzi wanted to succeed after the death of his father a thing which was not welcomed by the kingdom elders and this caused conflicts in the region making it difficult to chose the right King.

However,late last month the elders sat down at the Kindom's palace and elected Prince William Nadiope as the new Busoga Kyabazinga following a long period of struggle.Some tourists who were in Uganda at the time had a chance of attending this remarkable event full of historical experiences.Some even had to shake hands with the new Youthful king in the presence of a large cheering crowd.

Busoga is among the 45 ethnic tribes of Uganda which receives very many tourists from different parts of the world on their cultural safari to Uganda.The main challenge most tour guides have been facing on their visit to Busoga is answering questions related to the Kingship of the kingdom but after the coronation of a new King,their work will become smoother than ever.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Tribal clashes in Kasese affect cultural safaris in Uganda

At first,the impact was not felt but after sometime,it has been noticed that the recent tribal conflicts in Kasese,Uganda have affected cultural safaris in this country.It was last week when gun men attacked the palace of the recently installed Bamba king,the omundingya.It is said that the attackers were not satisfied with the installation of this kingdom saying that theirs was left out yet its the origin of the Bamba.

These clashes left many people killed and many injures still nursing wounds in hospitals fighting for their lives.It is not yet clear why the attackers tried to kill the omundingya of Bamba but the Ugandan government is still investigating the matter.

Though it sounds like a movie,its a fact and many people have lost their loved ones in the attacks.This has not only affected the local people but also foreigners who were planning to tour the area on a cultural safari since they will have to postpone the trip till peace is reinstalled in the area.

The government has lost a lot especially in terms of revenue as tourists are discouraged to visit the area fearing that they may loose their lives in the clashes which are feared to be associated with tribalism.In the longrun,its the government that is loosing out on revenue as the 'would have collected revenue' is lost.

Different tour operators in the country have vowed to the government to act as quick as possible in making sure that Kasese is safe again to avoid discouraging tourists who had planned to visit the area specifically for culture tour.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Art Festival to be held in Uganda - cultural safaris

In August 2014,Uganda is expected to hold an annual Art festival which will help to exhibit the various artistic objects the country has.This is one of the special events the country boosts of and there is a lot of wonders expected to be witnessed.As you plan your safari to Uganda in August,make it a point to attend this adventurous event and stand a chance of having a visual experience of some of the rare objects only found in Uganda.

African bag
Blessed with over 40 cultural settings, Uganda is the leading cultural destination in Africa and this is the reason why the number of visitors to this East African country has rapidly increased.The cultural fraternities in the country comprise of a unique artistic talent which the country wants to show to the rest of the world during the Art Festival slated to take place from 1st August to 31st of the same year.

Artistic Baskets
Different delegates from different countries are expected to attend the event and they will be availed with all the necessary tourism information which they will use to spread when they get back to their home countries.They will also visit other tourism sites in the country like the nationals parks,historical sites and many more.

An Art piece
Therefore as you plan for your safari to Uganda this year,extend your trip and attend the Art festival and stand a chance of viewing the beauty of Ugandan art.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Uganda budget makes cultural safaris more costly

Many people especially tour operators expected the minister of Finance this time to read a budget that favors the tourism sector but on their surprise,more taxes were introduced in the sector.This according to the operators will affect the tourism industry as visitors will be discouraged by the increase in the cost of a Uganda safari including cultural safaris.

Lat week a budget for the next financial year was read to the public and 18% VAT on accommodation facilities where visitors stay was a newly introduced tax.Another tax which will affect the sector is the tax on the various sites including the cultural sites.These two taxes will affect the industry negatively because visitors intending to visit this East African country will be discouraged due to the increased costs.In fact a cultural visit to some of the major sites in Uganda is going to become more expensive to the visitors.The old itineraries you are used to are now going to be modified to include some element of tax.

Uganda is one of the leading tourism destinations in Africa and culture is one of the special attributes that have been attracting people from different parts of the word.However,there is fear that the number of visitors who visit this "pearl of Africa" annually will reduce as a result of the increased taxes.This is the reason why different tour operators have come out to ask the government to reduce these taxes.The government argues that its finding ways of raising more revenue forgetting that discouraging tourists from visiting the country will in a long run lead to a reduction in the revenue. Tourism industry in Uganda is the leading revenue-generating sector and by increasing taxes on the various sites and accommodation,income received from the visitors will reduce.

Apart from culture,visitors come to this country to participate in other adventurous activities like gorilla trekking,nature walks,game drives,hiking,bird watching,kayaking,chimpanzee tracking
,boat rides and many more

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ways you can have a successful cultural safari experience

Many tourists visit Uganda repeatedly but experiencing the same way they did on their last tour.They lack the basics of how to make their cultural safari tours a success without even the help of a tour company.Some tourists just pay their money with a company and wait fro fun to come their way without even doing something to provide the fun for them selves.Below are some of the things one can do to make a safari tour more colourful and enjoyable;-

Plan your safari well: Before you jump on the plane to Uganda,first draft a plan of how you want you tour to be.Off course you will need do this by the help of a tour company that you plan to use.Choose the various places you want to visit and attach a price to each.If you are planning a cultural tour,point out the various villages,sites,people and cultural centers you will visit while in Uganda.

Carry enough money: You all realize that all things work better if you have the money especially if in a foreign country.This is the reason why you are advised to carry enough money so as to meet the various bills which you may be required to clear while on a safari.Never carry inadequate money while on a safari because you may fail to enjoy safari to the maximum.The money will enable you buy some art crafts,visit extra places,buy African clothes and many more.

Research about the cultural norms in the host country: Before you visit Uganda,there is need that you get to know some things allowed and those that are not allowed culturally.Some of the things you are used to may be unwanted according to African context and this is the reason why you need to research to avoid disappointments.Get to know the cord of dressing,how to great,how to respond to different circumstances and others.

Carry enough clothes: Though some tourist prefer buying clothes from their respective destinations,its is wise to carry enough clothes for the days you will spend on a safari.Choosing the right kind of clothes to carry depends on the culture of you destination.

Make a good choice of places to visit: Do not just pick a place because a tour company has told you that is is the best place to visit but choose a place that you think will be satisfactory to you.Choose wisely depending on your desires.

Choose a credible tour company: The success of any safari largely depends on the tour company used and this is the reason why you need to choose a company that is credible and experienced like Maranatha Tours Uganda (