Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Make a low priced cultural Safari to Uganda

It is no all about having a lot of money that you should think about touring the “pearl of Africa” but with the help of our company, we can arrange for you a budgeted cultural safari. When we talk about culture, there are many things that are compared and these include; the true lifestyle of an African, cultural behaviors, norms, beliefs, historical objects and many more.

Make a lifetime visit to Uganda and get a chance of spending a night in one of the villages which will expose you to an adventurous experience. Trust me, there are many things you are guaranteed on your cultural safari to Uganda and these include;

Cultural Safari walk: Enjoy a thrilling tour through some of the villages of Uganda which still have a pure African display. With the help of our trained guides, you will be well guided in these villages and you will get a chance of interacting with the local people. This tour can take a full day because of the long distances walked past the cultural sites in different villages.

Historical sites tour: Visit some of the historical sites in Uganda which clearly display the true culture of Ugandans. These include; Namugongo Pilgrimage site, Kasubi Tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, Kagulu Cultural Hill, Ghandi’s shrine, Rock Art of Teso, Nsongezi Rock Shelter, Ntusi and Bigo Bya Mugenyi Earthworks, Munsa Earthworks, Nakiyima Tree and many more.

City Tours: Enjoy a thrilling drive through some of the historical cities of Uganda like Kampala, Jinja, Soroti, Mbale and others. A Kampala city tour is the best of all the city tours because of the diversity of tourism potentials harbored. When it comes to culture, a Kampala city tour offers you a chance of exploring the largest ethnic group of Uganda (Buganda). Visit the largest Palace of Buganda and stand a chance of seeing the cultural objects which portray the lifestyle of the early Baganda people. Also on the city tour, you will visit the following; Kasubi tombs, Namirembe Cathedral, Namugongo Pilgrimage site, the Uganda Museum and others. You will also pay a visit to Ndere Troups Group and get a chance of being entertained by the cultural dances and songs.

The Uganda Museum: Located in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, this cultural site is the only place in Uganda where all objects including the spears, knives, drums, and other culture-related things. They are well displayed in glasses for easy view and clear photo taking. A tour to the Uganda museum will enable you get a true story of how man came into existence and how Uganda came into existence.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

What food for what tribe? - Cultural Safaris Uganda

Blessed with over 50 ethnic tribe,Uganda is the leading cultural safari destination because of the adventures one is guaranteed while visiting the various cultural settings.For a true lifestyle of an African,Uganda is the best country to tour and trust me,you will have a lifetime experience.
However,you need to know about the foods which are treasured by the different tribes of Uganda and why these foods instead of what you are used to.

Matooke (Bananas)
This is one of the widely consumed food in Uganda and it is the stable food for Uganda's largest tribe,Buganda.On your cultural safari to Uganda,you will see many people mainly in the central part where Baganda people are found eating this yellowish delicious food.
According to Buganda custom, Matooke food was the most treasured food by the ancestors and this is the reason why it is hard to find a Muganda homestead without a banana plantation.
Other tribes which take this as a stable food include the Ankole found in western Uganda.

Sweet Potatoes
As you hear the word sweet,Sweet potatoes are consumed by almost all the tribes in Uganda because of their delicacy.On you Uganda Safari,you will have a chance of tasting these potatoes which are sweeter than sugar.
However,its the Busoga ethnic group of Uganda which takes this food as a stable food and a Musoga farmer cannot complete a year without growing this cultural food.Other tribes that highly feed on thi sfood include the Itesotes, Baganda, Gagisu,Luos and Bagisu.

Millet Flour (Kalo)
Kalo is believed to be a brain booster according to many cultural members of Uganda.This true African food is made from Millet and many parents in Uganda feed their children on this special dish so as to make them more brighter and intelligent.
Though its consumed by most ethnic tribes of Uganda,it is taken as a stable food by the Itesotes,Acholi,Bakiga,Banyoro,Bagisu,the Luos,the Japhadoras,Toro,Ankole and others.

Irish Potatoes
I know you are well conversant with this food.In Uganda most modern homes feed on this delicious food because its cheap and easy to cook.However,it is taken as a stable food by the western tribes of Uganda including the Bakiga,Banyankore,Toro and Banyoro.

Posho (Maize floor)
This is one of the widely consumed food in Uganda.It is made from maize a food crop widely grown in this country.To many Ugandans,this food is taken as an energy giving food and it is mainly consumed by people involved in jobs requiring a lot of energy.There is no specific tribe in Uganda which takes this food as a cultural food because it is consumed by almost all the ethnic tribes.

On your cultural safari to Uganda,you may find people consuming other foods like Rice,macrones,pumpkins and others.Don't miss out on a village tour which will enable you to interact directly with the local people and ask them any question.Take a lifetime drive through the villages of Uganda and witness how these black people live.
Incase you are interested,just live your comment here and we shall respond immediately or visit www.adventureugandasafaris.com for more safari packages.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ajono,a margical-uniting drink in Uganda - Cultural safaris

When it comes to Uganda culture,there are amazing things that a tourist has never imagined.The lifestyle of a true Uganda is so interesting that if explored about,one may wonder how these black people came into existence.The diversity of cultural experience guaranteed to visitor on his/her safari to Uganda is one of the unique features of this East African country.
Local people enjoying Ajono

Forget about the distilled alcohol in your home country,Ugandans have their own way of making local brew and if you are not keen enough,you may mistake it to be manufactured.The African chemistry involved in the process of making this local brew (Ajono) is so interesting and many tourists on their cultural safari to Uganda have appreciated the art of Ugandans.

Ajono is one of the leading consumed alcohol in Uganda because of its strong attachment to African culture.There are some tribes in Uganda which take this brew as a cultural drink which everyone must take.Some even believe that by taking this drink,the gods or ancestors are pleased and the community gets blessings.It mostly consumed by eastern tribes of Uganda with Itesotes leading the trend.

What is Ajono
Ajono is simply a local  alcoholic brew made from millet  and sorghum.It is also known as "Malwa" in the local language it is a common drink among Ugandans.To many people,this drink is termed as a uniting drink simply because people gather in big numbers and discus various issues about their society.They make friends at the drinking point who they couldn't have met without this special drink.

About Ajono
The history about this drink drifts straight from the ancient times.History has it that the first people used this drink to create friendship amongst them They could our the drink in a big pot and all men from different corners of the village sit around this pot to have a sip.Meanwhile as they are drinking,many issues concerning the community are discussed and solutions are reached at.

The same history is reflected today in some of the ethnic tribes of Uganda and in the evening,local people meet at a designated point and enjoy the drink.They usually play music while drinking and some even sing-along.

However,not everyone is allowed to take this uniting drink.Children below the age of 18 are strictly not allowed to take Ajono and if found,its a serious crime.Women are also exempted from sharing a pot of Ajono with the men.

On your cultural tour to Uganda,don't miss to see a group of people converging around a pot full of Ajono.It is a common practice (mainly in villages of Uganda ) to drink this uniting drink and therefore,you should make a village tour inorder to see how this brew is consumed.

Ajono is cheaper compared to other alcoholic drinks and a pot full costs around shs.1000.It is of late that some distilling companies have started packaging this local brew each pack going for UGX 2000.

Make a cultural safari to Uganda and enjoy this magnificent drink.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Cultural safaris to Uganda made easy

This is one of the best news for US tourists interested in visiting Uganda,Kenya and Rwanda.Last week,a single tourism visa was launched in Washington DC at Rwanda embassy.Now,a visitor should worry about obtaining multi-visa cards to enable him/her cross to any of the three countries since one visa obtained is acceptable at all borders.

Initially,a tourists was expected to obtain different visa cards for different East African countries but this has been improved .

It was early this year when the presidents from the 3 countries met in Uganda and launched this single visa which was intended to promote tourism and the economy of the region.This made the region a single tourism destination and it is one of the best in the world.The new innovation put an end to the struggles involved in obtain a tourism visa for each country before you could be allowed to cross any border.

Many tourists on their cultural safari to East Africa want to visit the various cultural settings in the 3 three countries and by the introduction of a single visa card,this will be improved.One can meet the local people of Uganda and have a wider view of culture before crossing to Rwanda and Kenya using the same visa card.

Visa card are obtained at the point of entry in any of the 3 countries each costing $100 and valid for 90 days.The bureaucracy that was initially involved in the process of obtaining these visa cards is now reduced making it more convenient for tourists to visit the region.

Now you can travel to Uganda blessed with over 40 ethnic tribes each with its own beliefs and customs.This makes the country a favorite cultural site for your safari in Africa because of the magnificent adventures attached to it.You can meet the local people of this "pearl of Africa" and they will tell you many stories pertaining the African history.Have a chance of enjoying the different cultural dances and songs done on African original beats from drums,xylophones,flutes and others.

Attending a cultural ceremony in Uganda is one of those things that you will live to tell.This can include wedding ceremonies, Imbalu (initiation of boys into men),celebrations and many more.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cultural Safaris to Uganda increase

This is one of the best moments for Uganda when it comes to tourism because of the recorded increase in the number of visitors.Most of these visitors come specifically to find out how Ugandans live and their cultural practices.The strong reason behind this improvement is the presence of various tribes and ethnic groups each with its own unique cultural practices.

Uganda is one of the leading African countries with the highest number of ethnic groups and this has marketed it more than other countries.Many tourists that have visited this great nation have a story to tell because of the adventurous experience they found.

This "pearl of Africa" consists of friendly people with courteous and gracious ways which  are hard to find else where in Africa.These people have different values and these can only be witnessed through meeting the local people physically.Meet and interact with some Ugandans who will tell you all you need to know about  culture and beliefs of the people.Get to know the conservative nature of Africans specifically Ugandans when it comes to cultural norms.

Uganda has more than 40 ethnic tribes and some of them are Buganda, Busoga, Bugisu, Ankole, Bunyoro, Iteso, and many more.Each of these tribes has its own way of living and different values and customs.The most prominent tribe in Uganda is Buganda with the highest number of people.This tribe is located in the central Uganda and it has a hereditary system of governance(headed by Kabaka-King).

Apart from meeting the local people,you can visit some of the historical sites in Uganda that portray the true culture of this nation and the first instruments to made by the early men

.Some of these sites include the Kasubi tombs,Kaggulu hill,.Namirembe pilgrimage site,the Uganda museum,different cultural palaces and many more.Still on your safari,you can enjoy some cultural dances and songs which will make you relaxed and awesome.

You may be wondering how you can enjoy this.Its simple,all you need to do is to contact us so that we can arrange a safari for you at low prices.We can organize this adventurous trip  to Uganda and also ensure that your movements in the country are classic and safe.Our skilled guides are always there to travel along with your whenever you go and they are ready to answer any question that you ask. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Why you need a Visa Card on your Cultural Safari

I know you must be wondering why some tourists get stuck on their safari to various destinations but one of the reason is lack of visa cards.Before you are allowed to enjoy a cultural safari to Uganda,you are required to obtain a visa card which acts as an authorizing document to visit this "pearl of Africa". Compared to other foreign countries,obtaining a visa in Uganda is quite easy and this is why tourists find it more convenient to visit this East African country.

Below are the ways through which a visitor can obtain visas
  1. You can apply for the visa at your point of entry for example at Entebbe Airport  or at the border.This is more convenient and it is the cheapest way to obtain the visas because no mails and photos are required.All you need to do is to fill out an entrance form plus your passport dates and information.Currently a Tourism visa costs 50 USD upon entry and its valid for 90 days.However,this cost is due to change as a result of the proposed single tourism visa card for all East African countries.
  2. Another way through which a tourist can obtain a visa while on a tour to Uganda is by applying and buying  from foreign countries like Canada, Belgium, China, France, Denmark, Italy, India, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom ,South Africa, USA and others.You can apply personally with 2 passport photos and an application form which is downloaded from the Embassy website in your country origin.
Visa Safari Tips
Before you accept a visa,make sure that it covers your full stay in Uganda to avoid inconveniences.You are advised to be polite when asking for a visa if you want to get your requests met.
It is a common practice in Uganda that the local people find it hard to acquire a visa elsewhere but once they get it,it covers their full stay in the country.For tourists entering the country  with an aim of staying for a long time,it is quite difficult when it comes to negotiations.Even if you have a more than 7 month visa in your passport issued by the Ugandan Embassy in your country of origin,you may get surprised to get a stamp for 3 months.

For tourists,the dates are most likely covered in full especially if its a short term safari (2 or 3 weeks).In situations where a visitor wants to re-enter Uganda and visit other countries,she/he can apply for a multiple entry visa.However,one visa card obtained in Uganda can be used to access other East African countries without obtaining another one.

Upon entry into Uganda, you must provide the following to obtain a Visa
  • A valid passport issued by your country of origin
  • International Health certificate
  • Enough funds or ways to obtain the funds
If you have met all the above requirements,then you are free to obtain a visa card that will open the doors to an adventurous cultural experience on your safari.Get to know about the culture of Uganda and even meet the local people.Our company can help you to enjoy a wonderful trip to this East African country at fair prices.All you need to do is to visit adventureugandasafaris.com or contact us on info@adventureugandasafaris.com

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Buganda Launches its Tourism and Heritage Board

Also known as the biggest and prominent ethnic tribe in Uganda,Buganda is one of the leading attractions when it comes to Cultural safaris.The kingdom has experienced numerous reforms that have seen it develop at a higher rate compared to other kingdoms.The loyalty that the people of this great Bantu-speaking people have for their Kabaka (King) has continuously bonded them together for a long time.

The king of Buiganda during a cultural ceremony
Located in the central Uganda,Buganda is enriched with cultural and historical attractions that have led to an increase in the number of visitors registered per year.Many tourists from different parts of the world come to Buganda simply to witness the true life style of an African.This ethnic group is blessed with cultured people who highly value their history to the extent that they keep all their valued objects which their ancestors used.

Last week,the kingdom through its board decided to revive the glory of the tourism sector in Buganda.This was suggested by Ssaabasajja Kabaka (the King of Buganda) who pointed out that there is need to use what they have to impress the tourists who are interested in exploring the cultural side of the kingdom.However,he reminded the board members not to forget their key values of protecting the image of Buganda as they execute their duties.

Some of the key roles that this board is meant to do include establishment of management policies on running the royal tombs of Buganda (commonly known as Amasiro ga Buganda).The main tombs suggested include Kasubi and Wamala royal tombs.The  secret behind these sites is that they are homes of the ancestral fathers of the Baganda people.Other policies to be included are;appointment of the technical staff to aid work of controlling both income and expenditure of the heritage sites.
Kasubi tombs of Buganda

On top of administering,the board is expected to promote tourism in Buganda by finding all the historical places in the kingdom,protect and preserve them for the future.They are to formulate policies of innovating and manning the Buganda museum and other cultural sites just like the royal palaces.

In his words,the Katikkiro of Buganda,Charles Peter Mayiga  comprehended the Board and said that its the first ever board to be established in the kingdom and board members have gone in the history of Buganda.He emphasized much about preserving,protecting and conserving the heritage sites.
The Kattikiro of Buganda- Right and the Kabaka - Left
However,he showed concern about the increasing vice of deforestation in the region which has greatly affected nature.He therefore

asked each person to at least plant 2 trees during an introduction ceremony  in order to protect the environment in future.

For Cultural Safaris to Uganda at low costs,inquire or contact us on info@adventureugandasafaris.com