Monday, 13 June 2016

Car hire/ Rental package and self drive Holidays throughout Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda

In case you are a tourist or a visitor to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and you are planning to travel with our company and conduct your private holiday within these countries privately, and then we shall be able to offer you   a very good valve car hire/ rental package on your dream safari. These safaris are majorly counted to principles towns and cities of the above countries that we cover. In all our car hire arrangements there is an inclusion of driver mostly in some special cases  we may also be in position to offer a Uganda self drive hire option on your to option depending on your choice.

Our tours and Travel Company will ensure that everything is covered according to your wishes. We also offer free cancellation and change and we do not charge transaction fees. Our company has a very high degree of responsiveness which is available for our clients for seven (7) days a week. You can get in touch with our staff in case there some questions and queries about your car rental or package to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Our company prides herself on providing out tailored   accordingly to the tailored preference to each customer’s requirements mostly to major cities on the countries.

We offer the best discounts on offer for a large variety of brands and models with no hidden costs to get promotional offers on cars. We serve you as your comprehensive car rental company and we offer you some of the biggest and unbeatable discounts plus no extra hidden costs or extra charges on the rental cars. When at the company and you identify the car of your preference then we shall provide you with a quote and rental terms and conditions for the company.

Our company shows the best has the best discounts on offer for a large variety of brands and models with no hidden costs to get promotional offers on cars. We serve you as your comprehensive car rental company and we offer you some of the biggest and unbeatable discounts plus no extra hidden costs or extra charges on the rental cars. When at the company and you identify the car of your preference then we shall provide you with a quote and rental terms and conditions for the company.

Our company also offers vacations to domestic visitors within East Africa since we have a strong experience of arranging self- guided and short, long trips and gorilla safaris for our customers to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda most especially to those clients who are coming from the United States of America (USA), Canada, Austrila , United Kingdom (UK) and South Africa.This season if you have never made a safari or arranged any holiday with us, it is high time you arrange one with our company. You can place your order by making an overview of how we can tailor our arrangements to create your perfect safari and tour and adding you any other plans you may wish.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

How can I get in touch with a car Hire Company in Uganda?

This an interesting question and most tourist keep on asking themselves this same question as they plan to rent hire a car for their Uganda safari expeditions. The best way to get in touch with a car hire company is by searching on the internet the best car rental companies in the Uganda and sampling all of them to pick out the best. But in case you are interested in a Uganda Self drive experience, contacting us would be the best idea because we are the best company when it comes to offering that. We have good vehicle of different types ready to be hired at a cheap price. Our experience in this sector has enabled us rank the leading operator in the country and this has enabled us out compete some companies which cannot give customers value for their money.

Incase one wants to contact us, it’s simple; go to our car hire company and click on the “contact us” page. There you will be sent a form which you will have to fill in with your information. After filling in, you will have to click send and we shall get your inquiry as soon as possible. A reply will be sent to you immediately and our team will get in contact with you for more information about what you need.

Another alternative is to call us by phone. We have put our office numbers on the front page of our website. You can dial them anytime of the day since our staff is always there to respond to clients. You can decide which service you want because we offer different services to our clients related to car hiring like a Uganda self drive offer. We allow a client drive himself on a trip to Uganda with the help of our well trained guides. Book now and you will have a lifetime experience.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

When is the best time to rent a car in Uganda?

Car hire is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Uganda and this is attributed the rapidly tourism industry in this East African country. These two go hand in hand because it’s the tourists from foreign countries who commonly go for car hire. Even some tour operators in the country don’t have their own vehicles so when they get clients; they outsource the cars from car hire companies like the Uganda Self Drive Ltd. This in the longrun leas to an improvement in the car hire sector and also attracts more people to rent cars instead of buying them.

But the most frequently asked question by clients interested in hiring cars is that “when is the best time to rent a car in Uganda?” This is an interesting question and am proud to say that is a client asks this, then he/she is well informed about the environments in Uganda. One may wonder why would someone ask some an obvious question but before reaching a conclusion, he/she should know that there are very many factors to consider while renting a car and one of them is the timing. Although one can rent a car at anytime of the year in Uganda, there are always good times to rent ones especially if one is interested in saving money. During the low season which is in the months of April, May, June and December, car hiring costs go low because they country receives few tourists in these months. The competition for clients by different car hiring companies increases and they reduce their prices to attract customers. This could be the best time to hire a car for someone interested in saving money.

For those clients interested in safety, during the dry season is the best time to hire a car. This is because the roads are less risky to use compared to rainy seasons when most Ugandan roads are in bad shapes to use. During rainy seasons, some roads in Uganda become muddy making its difficult for especially those on their first Uganda self drive experience to use. Its therefore advisable for tourists to only drive themselves during the dry seasons when it’s safer to use the roads.

Those two factors (price and safety) should be in someone’s mind while choosing the best time to hire a car from a Uganda car hiring companies. But the fact is that someone can have a successful experience on the roads of Uganda at anytime of the year.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Uganda Self Drive Cultural Trip

This year, I had an opportunity of experiencing a Uganda Self driven cultural safari. I had been dreaming about controlling my trip when it comes to visiting Africa and unlike the previous attempts, this time I was able to have it. I booked my trip with a certain car rental company that rents out cars to different people from different countries. I decided to use this company because they were more reliable and they replied to my inquiries faster than any other. It was as simple as going on the internet and typing in Uganda Self Drive and I was given different options from which I picked one. I wrote to the best I had chose and stipulated that I wanted to drive myself. I wanted to spend at most 3 days in Uganda and therefore I stressed this out to them so that they can effectively plan for me. I was surprised to get their reply immediately and I liked their way of doing things. Their suggested itinerary was wonderful; therefore I went on and confirmed the trip. The pricing was good in that they were charging me $30 per day. This was the best price around because other companies were charging me more than this yet the services were to be the same. In my opinion, I told them to get me a 4x4 wheel drive car and a Toyota Rav4 was the best car for this.

I arrived in Uganda through Entebbe International Airport and I was welcomed by the company guide who escorted me to my booked hotel in Kampala. Since I was interested in a cultural trip through Kampala, I didn’t stress a lot and I chose to have enough sleep that first night in order to be fresh for my adventure. I woke up early the following morning and made sure I had to prepare adequately for my safari. After my breakfast, I was briefed by the guide who was assigned to me by the company. The car I rented was then brought to me and since I had been in the country before, I knew some of the routes plus the road instructions. My guide was there to help me get to where I wanted and being the fact that I was driving myself, I had less trouble. I first visited the Ugandan Museum where I had a chance to view the different ancient objects which portray the history of Ugandan culture. I later went and visited the Buganda Kabaka’s palace before concluding the day with a breathtaking entertainment from Indele troupes.

To be sincere, this was the best safari in my life. Am sure the flexibility and freedom I had in this trip must have been the driving force to its uniqueness. I had the liberty to do whatever I wanted and everything that I planned to do on the trip was accomplished. I concluded my safari on the third day with a self drive back to Entebbe international Airport for my flight back home.

Next time when I go back to Uganda, I will again chose to drive myself because I found out that it’s a thrilling adventure to do so especially when in a foreign country. I therefore recommend all those that want to go for a Uganda self drive safari to Use this company.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Uganda to exploit Pope’s Visit – Uganda Tourism News

Uganda to exploit Pope’s Visit – Uganda Tourism News
Since the news broke to Ugandans that the pope finally agreed to visit the nation, happiness was evidenced on different nationals especially Christians. However, tour operators in this East Africa country saw it in a different angle. They look at it as a chance to make more dollars as many people will jet into the country together with the pope. Actually, due to this visit, some foreigners have booked their trips with different operators and their main reason is to come and witness the pope’s stay In Uganda. Apart from getting business, operators expect this visit to market the country’s tourism fraternities to the rest of the world. 

Today as you read this, Uganda is set to become the third most visited country on the continent and this means that its worth being called “the pearl of Africa”.
Uganda was named the leading tourism destination in Africa and this created a huge competitive advantage as it experienced a great increase in the number of visitors thereafter. The numerous attractions in the country have played a greater role in attracting people from different corners of the world. Some of the activities that have led to increased Uganda Safaris include;- Gorilla Tracking, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife tours, nature walks, cultural walks, bird watching, city tours and many more. Some of these activities are so unique that they cannot be found in other countries.

For a chance to witness this Pope’s visit which is slated to be in November this year, inquire with us on our website and we shall arrange for you an amazing hard-to forget tour that will extend to other destinations in the country. You don’t need to worry about transport and accommodation while on a safari because our company shall book everything for you.