Monday, 14 July 2014

Tribal clashes in Kasese affect cultural safaris in Uganda

At first,the impact was not felt but after sometime,it has been noticed that the recent tribal conflicts in Kasese,Uganda have affected cultural safaris in this country.It was last week when gun men attacked the palace of the recently installed Bamba king,the omundingya.It is said that the attackers were not satisfied with the installation of this kingdom saying that theirs was left out yet its the origin of the Bamba.

These clashes left many people killed and many injures still nursing wounds in hospitals fighting for their lives.It is not yet clear why the attackers tried to kill the omundingya of Bamba but the Ugandan government is still investigating the matter.

Though it sounds like a movie,its a fact and many people have lost their loved ones in the attacks.This has not only affected the local people but also foreigners who were planning to tour the area on a cultural safari since they will have to postpone the trip till peace is reinstalled in the area.

The government has lost a lot especially in terms of revenue as tourists are discouraged to visit the area fearing that they may loose their lives in the clashes which are feared to be associated with tribalism.In the longrun,its the government that is loosing out on revenue as the 'would have collected revenue' is lost.

Different tour operators in the country have vowed to the government to act as quick as possible in making sure that Kasese is safe again to avoid discouraging tourists who had planned to visit the area specifically for culture tour.

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