Monday, 7 July 2014

Art Festival to be held in Uganda - cultural safaris

In August 2014,Uganda is expected to hold an annual Art festival which will help to exhibit the various artistic objects the country has.This is one of the special events the country boosts of and there is a lot of wonders expected to be witnessed.As you plan your safari to Uganda in August,make it a point to attend this adventurous event and stand a chance of having a visual experience of some of the rare objects only found in Uganda.

African bag
Blessed with over 40 cultural settings, Uganda is the leading cultural destination in Africa and this is the reason why the number of visitors to this East African country has rapidly increased.The cultural fraternities in the country comprise of a unique artistic talent which the country wants to show to the rest of the world during the Art Festival slated to take place from 1st August to 31st of the same year.

Artistic Baskets
Different delegates from different countries are expected to attend the event and they will be availed with all the necessary tourism information which they will use to spread when they get back to their home countries.They will also visit other tourism sites in the country like the nationals parks,historical sites and many more.

An Art piece
Therefore as you plan for your safari to Uganda this year,extend your trip and attend the Art festival and stand a chance of viewing the beauty of Ugandan art.

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