Monday, 19 May 2014

Peter Mayiga,Buganda's Prime Minister praised by Kabaka - Cultural Safari News Uganda

If you are a Ugandan especially from Buganda kingdom,then you know this gentle man and what he has been doing for the last one year.In case you don't know him,he is the prime minister of Buganda and he was assigned to do this job by the Kabaka(king) of Buganda.For the past years,prime ministers of thie largest cultural kingdom of Buganda were old and many Baganda men and women were surprised by the kabaka's choice of a youthful Katikiro.Some thought that he can not do well and they related him to failure but after sometime,they started believing in his success.
Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga sitting down at one of the cultural ceremonies

One of the kings that have made Peter Mayinga standout to an extent that every Ugandan knows him is his move to revamp Kasubi Tombs,a royal site which was burnt down in 2011.This is the site where kings from this great kingdom are buried and many tourist from  different parts of the world on their cultural safari to Uganda endeavor to visit the place.In his movement known as "tafaali",he has gained momentum and love from the local people of Buganda and also some from other kingdoms.Tafaali means a brick used for building and it was chosen as a slogan for his campaign because he moves around collecting money for reconstruction of the Kasubi Tombs(Amasiro). Though little was known about him,it didn't stop him from even crossing the borders of Buganda and going to other tribes collecting money for thr reconstruction of this cultural site.

He has collected a lot of money in that he also can't believe that his campaign has turned out to be a success.Today, he is one of the most prominent person in Uganda and he has achieved this in just one year.Since his appointment as Katikiro,Buganda has experienced  rapid development and this has won him trust and love among the Baganda people.He has promoted unity among the people especially the youths which had started deteriorating.

In recognition of his achievements,the Kabaka,King came out and thanked him and he also praised him for being an achiever who has helped in restoring Buganda's pride.He further on urged him to continue with his campaign of bringing back the lost glory to the kingdom.

On your cultural safari to Uganda,you can visit this largest kingdom in Uganda and also tour some of the historical cultural sites that will leave you wondering how a true African came into existence.

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