Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pilrgimages to Namugongo Increase - cultural Safaris Uganda

I know you must have heard about this cultural and Holy site in Uganda (Namugongo Pilgrimage site). What you probably don't know is the true history attached to this place and what Ugandans think about it.It is one of the most adored sites in Uganda which is highly respected by cultural leaders,government and religious leaders.

Some of the people walking past the site
Namugongo Pilgrimage site is where the the early believers Christianity where brutally murdered from by the then king of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga.They were burn alive for their faith at this place after refusing to denounce the religion which according to the Kabaka was a whiteman's religion.To him,he wanted his people to only follow the true African religion (African Tradition) and he never welcomed Christianity in his land.It was on 3rd June when the king ordered his soldiers to burn all those that had converted to this "threatening" religion.

Today,Ugandans keep on remembering these people who died because of their faith by making annual pilgrimages to the place where they were burnt from.Many people from different parts of the country walk of foot regardless of the long distance as a sign of hilliness and respect for the martyrs.

Some of the attractions at the site
Initially,the Pope had pro promised to grace the function slated to take place on 3rd June at Namugongo Pilgrimage site in remembrance of the Uganda martyrs but later communicated that he wouldn't be able to make it this year and promised to put it into considerations next year.Many tourist had planned to travel with the Pope on his visit but Uganda missed out this great opportunity.However, there are other tourists from different parts of the world who have already jetted into this East African country to grace the ceremony.
From this place,they will extend their safari to other destinations in the country where they will get a chance of exploring some of the great adventurous sites which are had to find.

A cultural safari to Uganda this year is one of the "must" experiences that you should not miss because of the guaranteed lifetime experiences that will help you discover why Uganda is ranked the best tourism destination in Africa.

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