Monday, 12 May 2014

Gain more from your tour - Cultural Safaris

Many tourists who visit Uganda are ignorant about how to maximize their days spent in this great nation gifted with nature and cultural experiences that cannot be found else where in the world.The main reason for this is that many visitors don't plan well before embarking on their journey to the Eat African country.One of the best way to have a boring cultural safari is by not planing well for the trip.Planing covers a lot of things including finances,the tour company to use,visa obtaining,clothes to carry,and many more.

Below are some of the best ways you can turn your holiday in Uganda a success;-

Carry enough money:One of the commonest mistakes made by most tourists is traveling with inadequate money.This comes as a result of poor planning and they end up getting stranded before even exploring most parts of Uganda.This is why one must make a budget that covers all the things that he/she plans to spend on throughout hi/her stay in this East African country.

Find out the cultural norms of Uganda:Before you jet into the country for your tour,you are advised to find out the what behaviors are liked and those that are hated by the local people.Irritating cultural behaviors may end up messing up your trip as people are look at you as an outcast.It is therefore recommended that you do what is expected of you and not what pleases you.

Use a credible tour company:Many tourists have been tricked by fake companies that pretend to be helping them in preparations for their journey.This is the reason why a visitor is advised to only use a company that he/she is sure that it is credible and real.Our company is one of the best tour companies in Uganda which is credited for its experienced stuff that aid visitors to visit various destinations of Uganda at low costs with a classic touch.Visit us on for more information.

Carry enough clothes:Though you can buy some cultural clothes in Uganda for remembrance,you are advised to carry enough clothes that you will wear throughout your stay in this "pearl of Africa". A short safari tour requires you to carry moderately few clothes.However,you are advised to carry clothes that are culturally acceptable in the Ugandan context.Short pants will not look good to wear in public because according to the Ugandan culture,its seen immoral to expose your thighs in public.

Learn a few local languages:I know this sonds a bit hard but as you plan your journey,try to learn some key words in the local languages.When it comes to Uganda,the commonest language used is Luganda which is easy to learn.Lear how to greet,bargain,address people,praise in Luganda.

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