Monday, 5 May 2014

Karimojongs get boosted by NGO's - Cultural Safari News

In the past,Karimojongs were taken to be unfriendly people with rude behaviors because of their way of life,They used to move with guns while rearing the cows in the plains so as to protect their cows from thieves and if someone dared to raid the cows,a true Karimojong wouldn't hesitate to shoot you.This is the reason why cultural safari tours to this region were at low rate as many tourists feared risking their lives.Another reason was the war that greatly affected the Karimojongs and the Acholi people.
Homesteads of Karimojongs

However,with the peace installation in Karimojong region by the Ugandan government,many developments including tourism boosts have been witnessed in the region and recently,different NGO's came out and vowed to develop the region's tourism.Though located in remote places,Karimojongs are one of the few ethnic tribes in Uganda that have reserved their cultural beliefs and norms.Today,a cultural safari tour to northern Uganda is one the best tours because of the guaranteed magnificent adventures.If you are interested in witnessing the true lifestyle of an African man or woman,then this is the best site to visit in Uganda.

Get a chance of witnessing how these Karimojongs set up their grass thatched houses which are constructed close to each other.Meet and greet the local people who will tell you different stories about their origin and what they go through as they try to forge a living.

Karimojong cultural dance
Because of the reserved cultural tourism fraternities,different NGO's have decided to encourage the local people to maintain their culture and avoid diluting it with the western culture.The fact is that some Karimojongs had started abandoning their cultures and had started copying the western cultures including way of dressing,singing,dancing,greeting and many more.According to the tourism minister,this was affecting the industry because many tourists from different parts of the world travel to northern Uganda to have a glance at the rare-culture.

With the new initiative of conserving the Karimojong culture,the region will boost of important transformations that will improve the lives of the local people and also increase revenue collected from the tourism industry.

A cultural safari tour to Uganda will enable you visit this region full of African cultural adventures that you have never seen in your lifetime.

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