Monday, 28 April 2014

Hidden facts about a true Ugandan - Cultural Safari tours

Many people (tourists) visit Uganda and they get amazed with what they find in this beautiful country.Some of them get shocked with the calm people of Uganda who welcome them with a lot of love and peace.To many,they just take this for granted not knowing that there is a strong cultural training that these people went through.

Unlike other societies in the world,a typical Ugandan home is headed by the parents (father and mother) and these people are responsible for grooming their children into responsible citizens.In fact if a child does something shameful,according to the Ugandan context,its the parents who are first to blame because of their negligence to train their child.In every home,children take their parents as their role models who are expected to act in a way that they want their children to act when they grow up.

On a cultural safari tour to Uganda,you will; be welcomed by a Ugandan at the airport and you will be over whelmed by the way he/she will treat you.According to the cultural beliefs of Uganda,maximum respect must be given to the visitor and then others follow.
In a cultured home,once a visitor visits, he/she is warmly welcomed, offered the best seat in the home,greeted with maximum respect,kept active by telling stories,served with a magnificent meal and must be served first before others and must be escorted back.This according to elders encourages the visitor to visit next time and it keeps a good image between the two parties.

However,there is a specific code of conduct a visitor is expected to portray on a visit to any cultured home.He/she is not expected to command respect at any one point and must follow the host's programme.But when it comes to meals,unless if revealed, the host is supposed to ask the visitor what he/she wants to eat or drink.This helps to avoid incidences of serving unwanted food to the visitor.

When it comes to tourists,they are given maximum respect while on their Safari to this great nation.It is this reason that many tourists prefer visiting this country to others.The way Ugandans treat visitors is different from the way other nationals do and this is because of the strong cultural training which every Ugandan must go through.

With the maximum respect guaranteed,a tourists feels more secure in Uganda than other African countries and they keep on making repeated safaris to this East African country.

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