Monday, 7 April 2014

Cultural safaris to Uganda made easy

This is one of the best news for US tourists interested in visiting Uganda,Kenya and Rwanda.Last week,a single tourism visa was launched in Washington DC at Rwanda embassy.Now,a visitor should worry about obtaining multi-visa cards to enable him/her cross to any of the three countries since one visa obtained is acceptable at all borders.

Initially,a tourists was expected to obtain different visa cards for different East African countries but this has been improved .

It was early this year when the presidents from the 3 countries met in Uganda and launched this single visa which was intended to promote tourism and the economy of the region.This made the region a single tourism destination and it is one of the best in the world.The new innovation put an end to the struggles involved in obtain a tourism visa for each country before you could be allowed to cross any border.

Many tourists on their cultural safari to East Africa want to visit the various cultural settings in the 3 three countries and by the introduction of a single visa card,this will be improved.One can meet the local people of Uganda and have a wider view of culture before crossing to Rwanda and Kenya using the same visa card.

Visa card are obtained at the point of entry in any of the 3 countries each costing $100 and valid for 90 days.The bureaucracy that was initially involved in the process of obtaining these visa cards is now reduced making it more convenient for tourists to visit the region.

Now you can travel to Uganda blessed with over 40 ethnic tribes each with its own beliefs and customs.This makes the country a favorite cultural site for your safari in Africa because of the magnificent adventures attached to it.You can meet the local people of this "pearl of Africa" and they will tell you many stories pertaining the African history.Have a chance of enjoying the different cultural dances and songs done on African original beats from drums,xylophones,flutes and others.

Attending a cultural ceremony in Uganda is one of those things that you will live to tell.This can include wedding ceremonies, Imbalu (initiation of boys into men),celebrations and many more.

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