Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cultural Safaris to Uganda increase

This is one of the best moments for Uganda when it comes to tourism because of the recorded increase in the number of visitors.Most of these visitors come specifically to find out how Ugandans live and their cultural practices.The strong reason behind this improvement is the presence of various tribes and ethnic groups each with its own unique cultural practices.

Uganda is one of the leading African countries with the highest number of ethnic groups and this has marketed it more than other countries.Many tourists that have visited this great nation have a story to tell because of the adventurous experience they found.

This "pearl of Africa" consists of friendly people with courteous and gracious ways which  are hard to find else where in Africa.These people have different values and these can only be witnessed through meeting the local people physically.Meet and interact with some Ugandans who will tell you all you need to know about  culture and beliefs of the people.Get to know the conservative nature of Africans specifically Ugandans when it comes to cultural norms.

Uganda has more than 40 ethnic tribes and some of them are Buganda, Busoga, Bugisu, Ankole, Bunyoro, Iteso, and many more.Each of these tribes has its own way of living and different values and customs.The most prominent tribe in Uganda is Buganda with the highest number of people.This tribe is located in the central Uganda and it has a hereditary system of governance(headed by Kabaka-King).

Apart from meeting the local people,you can visit some of the historical sites in Uganda that portray the true culture of this nation and the first instruments to made by the early men

.Some of these sites include the Kasubi tombs,Kaggulu hill,.Namirembe pilgrimage site,the Uganda museum,different cultural palaces and many more.Still on your safari,you can enjoy some cultural dances and songs which will make you relaxed and awesome.

You may be wondering how you can enjoy this.Its simple,all you need to do is to contact us so that we can arrange a safari for you at low prices.We can organize this adventurous trip  to Uganda and also ensure that your movements in the country are classic and safe.Our skilled guides are always there to travel along with your whenever you go and they are ready to answer any question that you ask. 

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