Monday, 31 March 2014

Why you need a Visa Card on your Cultural Safari

I know you must be wondering why some tourists get stuck on their safari to various destinations but one of the reason is lack of visa cards.Before you are allowed to enjoy a cultural safari to Uganda,you are required to obtain a visa card which acts as an authorizing document to visit this "pearl of Africa". Compared to other foreign countries,obtaining a visa in Uganda is quite easy and this is why tourists find it more convenient to visit this East African country.

Below are the ways through which a visitor can obtain visas
  1. You can apply for the visa at your point of entry for example at Entebbe Airport  or at the border.This is more convenient and it is the cheapest way to obtain the visas because no mails and photos are required.All you need to do is to fill out an entrance form plus your passport dates and information.Currently a Tourism visa costs 50 USD upon entry and its valid for 90 days.However,this cost is due to change as a result of the proposed single tourism visa card for all East African countries.
  2. Another way through which a tourist can obtain a visa while on a tour to Uganda is by applying and buying  from foreign countries like Canada, Belgium, China, France, Denmark, Italy, India, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom ,South Africa, USA and others.You can apply personally with 2 passport photos and an application form which is downloaded from the Embassy website in your country origin.
Visa Safari Tips
Before you accept a visa,make sure that it covers your full stay in Uganda to avoid inconveniences.You are advised to be polite when asking for a visa if you want to get your requests met.
It is a common practice in Uganda that the local people find it hard to acquire a visa elsewhere but once they get it,it covers their full stay in the country.For tourists entering the country  with an aim of staying for a long time,it is quite difficult when it comes to negotiations.Even if you have a more than 7 month visa in your passport issued by the Ugandan Embassy in your country of origin,you may get surprised to get a stamp for 3 months.

For tourists,the dates are most likely covered in full especially if its a short term safari (2 or 3 weeks).In situations where a visitor wants to re-enter Uganda and visit other countries,she/he can apply for a multiple entry visa.However,one visa card obtained in Uganda can be used to access other East African countries without obtaining another one.

Upon entry into Uganda, you must provide the following to obtain a Visa
  • A valid passport issued by your country of origin
  • International Health certificate
  • Enough funds or ways to obtain the funds
If you have met all the above requirements,then you are free to obtain a visa card that will open the doors to an adventurous cultural experience on your safari.Get to know about the culture of Uganda and even meet the local people.Our company can help you to enjoy a wonderful trip to this East African country at fair prices.All you need to do is to visit or contact us on

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