Thursday, 27 March 2014

Buganda Launches its Tourism and Heritage Board

Also known as the biggest and prominent ethnic tribe in Uganda,Buganda is one of the leading attractions when it comes to Cultural safaris.The kingdom has experienced numerous reforms that have seen it develop at a higher rate compared to other kingdoms.The loyalty that the people of this great Bantu-speaking people have for their Kabaka (King) has continuously bonded them together for a long time.

The king of Buiganda during a cultural ceremony
Located in the central Uganda,Buganda is enriched with cultural and historical attractions that have led to an increase in the number of visitors registered per year.Many tourists from different parts of the world come to Buganda simply to witness the true life style of an African.This ethnic group is blessed with cultured people who highly value their history to the extent that they keep all their valued objects which their ancestors used.

Last week,the kingdom through its board decided to revive the glory of the tourism sector in Buganda.This was suggested by Ssaabasajja Kabaka (the King of Buganda) who pointed out that there is need to use what they have to impress the tourists who are interested in exploring the cultural side of the kingdom.However,he reminded the board members not to forget their key values of protecting the image of Buganda as they execute their duties.

Some of the key roles that this board is meant to do include establishment of management policies on running the royal tombs of Buganda (commonly known as Amasiro ga Buganda).The main tombs suggested include Kasubi and Wamala royal tombs.The  secret behind these sites is that they are homes of the ancestral fathers of the Baganda people.Other policies to be included are;appointment of the technical staff to aid work of controlling both income and expenditure of the heritage sites.
Kasubi tombs of Buganda

On top of administering,the board is expected to promote tourism in Buganda by finding all the historical places in the kingdom,protect and preserve them for the future.They are to formulate policies of innovating and manning the Buganda museum and other cultural sites just like the royal palaces.

In his words,the Katikkiro of Buganda,Charles Peter Mayiga  comprehended the Board and said that its the first ever board to be established in the kingdom and board members have gone in the history of Buganda.He emphasized much about preserving,protecting and conserving the heritage sites.
The Kattikiro of Buganda- Right and the Kabaka - Left
However,he showed concern about the increasing vice of deforestation in the region which has greatly affected nature.He therefore

asked each person to at least plant 2 trees during an introduction ceremony  in order to protect the environment in future.

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