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Ajono,a margical-uniting drink in Uganda - Cultural safaris

When it comes to Uganda culture,there are amazing things that a tourist has never imagined.The lifestyle of a true Uganda is so interesting that if explored about,one may wonder how these black people came into existence.The diversity of cultural experience guaranteed to visitor on his/her safari to Uganda is one of the unique features of this East African country.
Local people enjoying Ajono

Forget about the distilled alcohol in your home country,Ugandans have their own way of making local brew and if you are not keen enough,you may mistake it to be manufactured.The African chemistry involved in the process of making this local brew (Ajono) is so interesting and many tourists on their cultural safari to Uganda have appreciated the art of Ugandans.

Ajono is one of the leading consumed alcohol in Uganda because of its strong attachment to African culture.There are some tribes in Uganda which take this brew as a cultural drink which everyone must take.Some even believe that by taking this drink,the gods or ancestors are pleased and the community gets blessings.It mostly consumed by eastern tribes of Uganda with Itesotes leading the trend.

What is Ajono
Ajono is simply a local  alcoholic brew made from millet  and sorghum.It is also known as "Malwa" in the local language it is a common drink among Ugandans.To many people,this drink is termed as a uniting drink simply because people gather in big numbers and discus various issues about their society.They make friends at the drinking point who they couldn't have met without this special drink.

About Ajono
The history about this drink drifts straight from the ancient times.History has it that the first people used this drink to create friendship amongst them They could our the drink in a big pot and all men from different corners of the village sit around this pot to have a sip.Meanwhile as they are drinking,many issues concerning the community are discussed and solutions are reached at.

The same history is reflected today in some of the ethnic tribes of Uganda and in the evening,local people meet at a designated point and enjoy the drink.They usually play music while drinking and some even sing-along.

However,not everyone is allowed to take this uniting drink.Children below the age of 18 are strictly not allowed to take Ajono and if found,its a serious crime.Women are also exempted from sharing a pot of Ajono with the men.

On your cultural tour to Uganda,don't miss to see a group of people converging around a pot full of Ajono.It is a common practice (mainly in villages of Uganda ) to drink this uniting drink and therefore,you should make a village tour inorder to see how this brew is consumed.

Ajono is cheaper compared to other alcoholic drinks and a pot full costs around shs.1000.It is of late that some distilling companies have started packaging this local brew each pack going for UGX 2000.

Make a cultural safari to Uganda and enjoy this magnificent drink.

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