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What food for what tribe? - Cultural Safaris Uganda

Blessed with over 50 ethnic tribe,Uganda is the leading cultural safari destination because of the adventures one is guaranteed while visiting the various cultural settings.For a true lifestyle of an African,Uganda is the best country to tour and trust me,you will have a lifetime experience.
However,you need to know about the foods which are treasured by the different tribes of Uganda and why these foods instead of what you are used to.

Matooke (Bananas)
This is one of the widely consumed food in Uganda and it is the stable food for Uganda's largest tribe,Buganda.On your cultural safari to Uganda,you will see many people mainly in the central part where Baganda people are found eating this yellowish delicious food.
According to Buganda custom, Matooke food was the most treasured food by the ancestors and this is the reason why it is hard to find a Muganda homestead without a banana plantation.
Other tribes which take this as a stable food include the Ankole found in western Uganda.

Sweet Potatoes
As you hear the word sweet,Sweet potatoes are consumed by almost all the tribes in Uganda because of their delicacy.On you Uganda Safari,you will have a chance of tasting these potatoes which are sweeter than sugar.
However,its the Busoga ethnic group of Uganda which takes this food as a stable food and a Musoga farmer cannot complete a year without growing this cultural food.Other tribes that highly feed on thi sfood include the Itesotes, Baganda, Gagisu,Luos and Bagisu.

Millet Flour (Kalo)
Kalo is believed to be a brain booster according to many cultural members of Uganda.This true African food is made from Millet and many parents in Uganda feed their children on this special dish so as to make them more brighter and intelligent.
Though its consumed by most ethnic tribes of Uganda,it is taken as a stable food by the Itesotes,Acholi,Bakiga,Banyoro,Bagisu,the Luos,the Japhadoras,Toro,Ankole and others.

Irish Potatoes
I know you are well conversant with this food.In Uganda most modern homes feed on this delicious food because its cheap and easy to cook.However,it is taken as a stable food by the western tribes of Uganda including the Bakiga,Banyankore,Toro and Banyoro.

Posho (Maize floor)
This is one of the widely consumed food in Uganda.It is made from maize a food crop widely grown in this country.To many Ugandans,this food is taken as an energy giving food and it is mainly consumed by people involved in jobs requiring a lot of energy.There is no specific tribe in Uganda which takes this food as a cultural food because it is consumed by almost all the ethnic tribes.

On your cultural safari to Uganda,you may find people consuming other foods like Rice,macrones,pumpkins and others.Don't miss out on a village tour which will enable you to interact directly with the local people and ask them any question.Take a lifetime drive through the villages of Uganda and witness how these black people live.
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