Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What to wear while on a cultural Safari to Uganda

Composed of people with different backgrounds,Uganda has a diverse collection of cultural destinations that can spice up a visitor's cultural safari.By looking at a Ugandan,one can tell which tribe he/she comes from.This is because different tribes in Uganda dress differently.

Gomesi and Kanzu
Ugandans generally like to dress smart and this is common with those in Kampala (Uganda's capital city).People in the city try to copy the western style of dressing and ignore their cultural dressing making it hard for  visitor to differentiate their origin.Most of these clothes won by people in towns are second-hand clothes (already used clothes).In Kampala,these clothes are mainly bought from Owino market where you might even find tags with US prices from places such as value village,salvation Army and others.Though Ugandans like to dress smartly,they are always conservative when it comes to dressing.

When it comes to women in Uganda,they are always careful while dressing in that they try to avoid diplaying their thighs in public.Even if a woman wears a short skirt,she will put on leggings ,jeans or other slacks(unless going to a bar or night club).
In Uganda,it is uncultured to wear to wear clothes that are not neatly pressed,clean and in need of mending.In Kampala,its a common practice to be smart,even though one wears a leisure clothes.Culturally,women are not expected to wear mini-skirts,tight shorts,in actuality men and women are more respected not wearing shorts.

While on a cultural Safari,it is ideal to avoid wearing shorts for better protection from from insects.Modesty,this applies to both equally to men and women.While in Kampala,you will see many Ugandan men in suits.However,you certainly do not have to wear a suit but just keep clean,neat and wear pressing clothes.

Many Ugandan women both in towns and villages are fond of wearing traditional dress called Busuuti also known as "Gomesi" while men wear "Kanzu".Both Kanzu and Busuti  are won at special events including introductions and weddings.

Tourists in Uganda should take caution of the dressing discipline that is required of them.In Uganda,once a visitor dresses improperly,he/she is looked at as an irresponsible person and less attention is given.But there are some occassions where one an wear casually like during weekend,in the club,on a game drive,in a bar,in the evening and other occasions.

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