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The untold story of the Karamojong people - Cultural Safaris Uganda

Located in the northeast of Uganda, Karamojong ethnic group is blessed with a rich culture that attracts tourists from various places of the world.They are the most singular ethnic group and are mainly normadic pastoralists.Their love for cattle is so strong that some even reach an extent of staying with them.They greatly depend on these animals for survival.

The Karamojongs are divided into 6 groups each with a unique dialect of the Nile Karamojong language.Among the 6 groups,there are Nyangia and Napore,who have largely forsaken their traditional ways of cattle keeping to agriculture.The other group (Tueso) are hunter-gatherers who moved from the dry plains to the mountains.

Though Karamojongs are referred to as backward people by some Ugandans,the preserved culture is so original for a tourist who is interested in the original African Lifestyle.The way of life and dressing of the Karamojong people reflects the true African lifestyle.The people have tried to keep the original dress code.However,this culture is not easily noticed when in Karimojong towns like Moroto as people tend to copy the western culture.

One of the major problem that is faced by these people is cattle rustling.They are always attacked by their neignbours including the Kenyan Massai for their cattle.This has led to instability in the region and many Ugandans dont want to visit the place.The region also experienced a war that led to depopulation and a retardation of the cultural norms.These problems affected both trade and culture as many Karimojongs migrated in search for freedom.

Today,peace has been restored in the Karamojong area by the government and people have returned to their original homes.Karimojongs mainly stay in huts and it is hard to find a modern house in the area.Families are fond of constructing huts next to each other and one family can have various huts of relatives.The people are used to the ancient lifestyle which their ancestors cherished.

Returning of peace in the Karamoja region has greatly increased cultural safaris in the area.Many people visit the region to see the original African culture that is hard to find elsewhere in Africa.

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