Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Meals taken in a cultural Ugandan home

Provided with different types of foods,each ethnic group in Uganda has its stable food which its fond of. Forget about the western style of eating, in Uganda ,there are specific attributes regarding to eating and preparing for a meal. Many visitors while on their cultural Safari to Uganda find themselves failing to choose the most appropriate eating behaviour while in Uganda.Therefore,one is required to make a research about the various behaviours of different Ugandans when it comes to meals.

In Uganda,it is customary to wash your hands before and after eating anything.The main reason for this practice is because Ugandans culturally use their hands while eating.Before a meal is served in a local home,the mother always reminds her children to wash their hands to avoid eating germs.It is a sign of indiscipline and unhygienic to eat a meal with dirty hands in Uganda.

Often before serving the meal,a prayer is said as a way of thanking God/Allah for the meal provided.However,some people ignore the prayer in case they are in a rush or if they have forgotten.In many nursery and primary schools in the country,children are taught how to pray before having a meal.

In many local homes in Uganda,always people sit on the floor while eating the food.It should be noted that once you sit on the floor to eat,avoid stretching out your legs.For a first-time visitor,he/she might be surprised to see people sitting on the floor around a dish of food,but this is how a true-cultural home behaves when eating.
However,with the increasing modernity in the country,homes have resorted to siting on chairs in a modest fashion with a knife and fork while eating food.This is mainly done in towns where people sit on chairs and sofas while eating food.In Uganda however,there are few home with dining rooms and its only people of means that can have one.

Self service is not a common practice in Ugandan homes when serving food.Customary,the mother serves the food or any elder but not everyone to serve.

While eating, talking is prohibited unless if there is a special address by another person.According to the cultural beliefs,talking while eating can lead to spitting into another person's food.

It is customary to thank the host for the meal immediately after eating.This is a sign of appreciating the person who prepared the meal.Children in Uganda are always urged to thank the cook after eating.This is as simple as saying "Thank you for cooking".

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