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Igongo Cultural Centre - Cultural Safaris in Uganda

 What is Igongo Cultural Center?
Igongo Cultural Centre is a cultural site (place) in southwestern Uganda where the future meets the past.This cultural centre has a  well equipped museum which contains the history about the first people in Uganda.This presentation of history is well elaborated in pictures,documents,cultural music,drama,music,sculptures,art and many others.The cultural center is an ideal stop over while on a Safari to Uganda (traveling from the west of Uganda).
This cultural centre hosts one of the leading museum in Uganda with an avid representation of the Ankole culture.The gorgeous scenery of the gardens and the historical buildings that hose a museum are so interesting to look at. 
Igongo Cultural Centre was officially opened by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,the president of Uganda on 23rd December.From then,the number of visitors to the site have greatly increased as many come to find out how the early people used to survive.

Where is Igongo Cultural Centre located?
Igongo Cultural Centre is found in  the south western Uganda in Biharwe (about 12kms from Mbarara town). It's along Masaka - Mbarara high way.

When is the best time to visit?
A visitor can visit Igongo Cultural Centre at any time of the year.

What are the features at Igongo Cultural Centre?
There are numerous features at this cultural center and these include;the beautiful gardens,museum,historical buildings,a restaurant with traditional dishes,craft shops,historical sculptures of both people and animals and many more.Mainly,this place portrays the Kigezi and Banyankole culture.

What are the activities visitors should expect while at Igongo Cultural Centre?
Among the activities are;
  • Craft viewing
  • Donkey rides
  • Medicinal plants tour
  • Museum tour
  • Traditional music and dance performances
  • Performing traditional Uganda chores
  • Cultural walks to the near by villages
  • Climbing the near by hills
What are fees charged at the site?
Adults - Ush 5,000
Children - Ush 3,000
Foreigners - Ush 20,000

There are well trained guides to take the visitors through the museum and also explain the various happenings related to the history.

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