Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Experience the real Africa with a village stay - Cultural Safaris to Uganda

Though the number of tourists who make cultural safaris to Uganda is rapidly increasing,some of them live the country without enjoying the true lifestyle of   the local people.Some visitors opt to stay in 4 star or 5 star safari lodges where the only Ugandans they interact with are the waiters and waitresses.This denies them an opportunity to experience the original feeling of Africa that is experienced while in the villages.

Local people singing and dancing for peace
Spending a night or 2 in a real African village is one of those experiences that a visitor can never forget in his/her life time.In the villages,a visitor can start a cultural safari by going with the women to the garden where you can gather numerous vegetables,get a chance to cut down the matoke bananas,pick the beans,fresh potatoes,dig out the cassava,maize (corn-not yellow like in USA) tomatoes,some papaya,onions,and get some mangoes.
If a visitor is comfortable,he/she can learn how to butcher the chicken.In Uganda,butchering chicken is normal and children as young as 6 know how to go about it.

Life in a real African village is simple and a visitor can easily cope up with the unique experience,especially for those who think everything comes prepackaged from the store.Today,some visitors instead of staying in up-market lodging facilities,they opt to stay at villages and enjoy their time while in Uganda.Unlike game viewing,cultural safaris in Uganda that extend to villages create memories of the early men of Africa.

A village stay in Uganda enables a visitor to meet the authentic Uganda up close and personal,meet the blacksmith,village story tellers,traditional healers,families,children and many more.Get to learn how to drum,how to drum,how to speak the local languages,how to fish with your hands,prepare traditional foods,cook over open fires and generally experience a typical Ugandan village.

The majority of Ugandans live in Villages and this is the reason why a visitor must make a village stay in order to experience the real Uganda.Lasting memories are instilled into visitor on a cultural Safari to Uganda due to authentic Africa experience provided.

Depending on the village visited and culture,in Uganda,different cultures have different way of life.Each tribe has its own unique practices and norms.Therefore,a visitor is expected to select a village that he/she is comfortable with its practices and norms.However,most Ugandan villages consist a diverse cultural experience that interests any visitor.The people are kind to visitors and give a remarkable company to visitors.

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