Monday, 17 February 2014

Cultural Safari tips that will enhance your time in Uganda

Below  is a code of conduct for cultural safari visitors that respect the norms and communities of Uganda,the environment and the wildlife;

What do before a cultural safari to Uganda?
  • Plan your trip effectively by choosing eco-friendly lodges that suite your desires.Those lodges that use charcoal are not ideal for visitors and therefor a visitor should choose a lodge that uses gas for cooking.Lodges that are close to the local communities are more suitable because of the easiness to meet the local people.
  • Take caution while packing for the cultural safari.Compared to the western standards,Uganda is mainly composed of needy people and where necessary, a visitor is compelled to give a few gifts to the children.Depending on your desires,a tour company might take you for a visit to any of the local schools and here,children will ask for some simple gifts.
How to deal with the local people and different communities?
  • Avoid treating the local people in Uganda as if they are another species of wildlife.On a cultural safari,one is expected to meet people of different cultures and norms and learning their cultures is one of the great pleasures.
  • Greeting in Uganda is highly recommended.In Uganda,a mere Hi or Hello is not enough to greet.According to the cultural norms of Ugandans,greeting is a way of showing mutual respect to another person and it is mainly done by shaking of hands.It is a cultural mistake in Uganda to say a quick greeting as is common in other countries.Time spent while greeting someone is more important than a tight schedule.A visitor can get to learn a few greeting in the various languages in Uganda.
  • Taking photos.Before you take any photo of the local people,always ask for permission to avoid inconveniences.If no permission is asked,people might think that you are taking photos for financial gains.
  • Dress appropriately.Though Europeans are most often forgiven for dressing in a manner that is not so common in Uganda,it is good to respect the local style and get dressed in a modest fashion.
  • Bargaining in Uganda.Always respect Ugandans and pay a fair price because this indirectly improve their way of living.Some traders in Uganda are fond of overcharging visitors and one is advised to know the various prices charged for different commodities.In case a visitor cannot know the prices in time,he/she is advised to get a guide who will bargain on his behalf for fair prices.At our company,we provide skilled guides that are trust worthy for our clients.
Voluntourism (Volunteerism) 
  • A visitor can combine his/her safari with volunteering.This activity can easily be arranged for your safari stay in Uganda.Get a chance to move around the various schools,medical facilities,orphanages,community work and experiencing an authentic African lifestyle.
  • You can also make donations to these local schools ,orphanage,project and our company will ensure that the money donated reach the intended recipients.
Respect and conserve the environment
  • Avoid littering anytime in African Wild.Use the placed garbage bags in the vehicles and avoid throwing litter through the windows.
  • Conserve Resources: You may stay in a lodge that uses solar energy which uses a battery system at night.I t is therefore recommended to switch off the lights when not in use .At some lodges,fresh water might be on a short supply so keep showers short and this applies for hot water users too. 

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