Monday, 6 January 2014

Rolex-Uganda’s amazing fast food - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

When some tourists hear about a Rolex in Uganda,their minds switch to an expensive watch,not knowing that Ugandans refer to one of the favorite fast foods  in Uganda (chapatti). This delicious  rolled  chapatti contains eggs (a  minimum of 2 eggs),cabbage,tomatoes,onions,green paper and many other ingredients depending on the customer’s choice.Some people prefer adding minced meat and vegetables to make it more tasty and heavy.

This widely known Rolex was first introduced in Uganda in 2003 and it is believed to have originated from Wandegeya-a Kampala suburb,where it gained attention and later spread to different parts of Uganda.Infact, Rolex chapatis are the leading fast foods consumed in Uganda by both Ugandans and visitors.At first,it was the students of Makerere University that used to consume these Rolex,but later,information about the its delicacy spread.Today, Rolex chapatis are mainly sold on Uganda's road sides and modern restaurants.

Forget about the pizza,in Uganda a Rolex is consumed at any time,be it breakfast,lunch or dinner and some Ugandans survive on this special dish.Tourists have found this food so interesting and tasty and you can find them lined up on the streets of Kampala buying to have a taste.

A Rolex is cheap compared to other foods in Uganda and as a way of saving,many tourists have resorted to buying this rare food.A Rolex can go for a minimum of UGX 1500 and depending on the ingredients one wants,it can even be at UGX 2000.
After seeing that this food is a success,many people learnt how to prepare it and today,it can be found in some restaurants in Rwanda.

I the evening,smoke is seen roaming above different Kampala suburbs and one may even think that its from the industries yet its from the road vendors,who make these Rolex.They gather near the road sides so as to attract their customers.

However, a visitor is advised to take caution on where to buy these Rolex chapatis from while Uganda since some sellers are not hygienic.It is also advised to take some water after consumption to ease the digestion.Another important thing to note about these Rolex is that they contain a lot of fats and one has to regulate his/her consumption.

"You just cant leave the pearl of Africa without tasting this delicious dish"

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