Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rapid development of Cultural Tourism In Uganda - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is one of the leading African countries with numerous cultures.This is because the country has many ethnic groups each with its own beliefs and customs.Unlike other Travel packages in Uganda like game viewing and birding,Uganda also offers a wonderful adventure in its culture.

The Batwa people of Uganda
Initially,the cultural Tourism in Uganda was less promoted compared to other tourism packages,but due to the increased number of cultural tourists in the country,the Tourism ministry has embarked on the promotion.Many tourists today are enticed to walk around the different villages in Uganda with an aim of meeting and greeting different people from different tribes.A cultural walk in Uganda is one of those adventurous journeys that are hard to forget.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has come up with different measures to promote Cultural tourism in this new year (2014) and Uganda is expected to receive more cultural tourists that the previous years.This innovation is expected to attract more tourists to the country who will be exposed to different cultural sites like;Kanaka's palace,kabaka's lake,the on-construction Kasubi tombs and many more others.These cultural tours are guided by well trained guides well equipped with all the information about Uganda's culture.

One of the most adventurous activity that a visitor is exposed to is the Batwa trails.Meet and greet one of the shortest people in the world found around Mgahinga National Park.There are many African -styled objects that a visitor can buy and take as a souvenir like the African-styled shoes,sandles,clothes,hats,earings and many more.These are sold at fairy low prices and are good

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