Thursday, 9 January 2014

What you should know about Uganda's cultural wear - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

Uganda has an amazing culture that one shouldn't miss out this year.There are various interesting African objects that a visitor can get and go back with.It is difficult for a visitor to enter into an African shop in Uganda and come out without buying anything.This is because the shops have different unique African things that are eye-catching.Most of the African shops in Uganda contain original-rear clothes,bracelets,wallets,hats,shoes and many more African-designed things.

One of the most popular African wear that visitors fall in love with are the sandal-like "Lugabire" and the back clothe.Made of African materials,these wears are made by the local people and are well designed to offer a different look t the tourists.Some of the African materials used to make these include;rubber from tires and the black clothe made from a tree known as mutuba tree.

Back clothe is mostly produced by Baganda people and it is their cultural clothe.Made from the ever-trekked mutuba tree,black clothe is a cultural significant of Buganda mainly wore during burial ceremonies and during the kabaka's crowning.
Tourists in Uganda like these back clothes just like the Baganda people and this explains why African shops are mostly supported by the tourists.They are relatively cheap and a visitor is assured of quality while using them.
Baganda men and women wearing back clothe
Buying and owning a Lugabire (African made slippers) is one of the best things you can do on your Travel to Uganda.Lugabire is a type of footwear loved by Ugandans and it is one of the things that make them unique.They are wore by Ugandans while at work (for example in the market),during weekends for example,while at the beach.They are made of rubber which makes them strong and can withstand any kind of weather.
The Lugabire are basically for casual wear and can be wore during casual events and meetings where dress code is informal.They are relatively cheap and depending on one's design,a good pair can be sold between Shs.7,000 and  Shs.15,000.They are known for their long lifespan and if well handled,they may take more that 2 years.

Come and have exploit the beauty of the African back clothes and Sandals on your Tour to Uganda.

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