Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Exploring the magical secrets in the Ssezibwa waterfalls

Situated about 35 kilometers East of Kampala, Mukono District, the Ssezibwa falls feature among the most exceptional cultural spots in Uganda. When you think about cultural safaris in Uganda, look not further than the Ssezibwa falls! The Ssezibwa isn’t only for the remarkable waterfalls but also credited for its extraordinary and spiritual values which makes it one of the amazing and well kept cultural spots of Buganda’s King. A visit to this splendid cultural site rewards visitors on Uganda cultural safaris with incredible “Black River” which stumbles over the rocks into the pool below.
Think about unique cultural spots in Uganda and think not beyond the Ssezibwa falls. The site is frequently visited by the natives for blessings in areas of wealth, love, children, business and fortunes. It is also credited for its healing power. The ceremonial blessings are always conducted by the traditional healer who is within the site and they are performed for both domestic and international visitors. The native have it that there are two Rivers-Sezibwa and Bwanda that were born by a women on her way to Kavuma Bukunja at a time when she encountered labor pains. Nakkungu Tebatuusa whose husband was called Nsubuga Sebwato gave birth to twin babies in form of water. The Ssezibwa flowed west crossing several obstacles and thus the name Ssezibwa while the Bwanda flowed to Nyenga in Eastern Uganda to the mother’s homeland. At Sezibwa, there is a big tree which was planted by Ssekabaka Mwanga II as away showing respect to the Ssezibwa falls. Also King Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi II planted a tree during the dedication of the current site in 2002.

The 2 (two) historical trees that are regarded as sacred gifts from the Kabakas and while you are on safari in Uganda; do not miss to visit this remarkable site. Visitors on Uganda cultural safari to the Ssezibwa falls have a chance to enjoy picnic tours as well as paying a visit to distinct local shrines where the local Buganda frequently visit to give spiritual sacrifices with hopes of getting blessings. This area is stunning and it comes with spectacular scenic views.
The Ssezibwa waterfalls are found on Ssezibwa River which also comes with stunning wetlands between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga west of Buikwe district. Around Buikwe the River flows Northwards via Mukono into Lake Kyoga in Kayunga district.  

The Ssezibwa falls are of great value not just for its waterfalls but for its exceptional cultural experiences and traditional beliefs attached to it. The word Sizibibwa Kkubo denotes that no obstacle can bar me from moving on and from Ssezibwa the 2 Rivers flow across the tranquil island which divides them into two streams reminding locals of the legend as to how the Rivers started.

In conclusion, the Ssezibwa is an important cultural spot and it is frequently visited by not only natives but also foreigners. The site also comes with amazing bird sightings that thrive around the area. Safaris to Ssezibwa falls can be incorporated with any trips within Uganda whether you are traveling for adventures like bungee jumping or white water rafting in Jinja or Mabira forest as well as wildlife tours in the national parks.

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