Friday, 24 November 2017


When you think about African cultural safaris, look not further than Uganda. While on your safari in Uganda, expect more than just mouth watering foods and local dishes! The Milege world music festival or simply Milege festival is one of remarkable events of a kind not to be missed while on Uganda cultural safari. This tremendous music festival is conducted every year in November. The festival is entirely a celebration of games, cultural and traditional dances, world music, stories, poems and many more. There is also art repainting and after exhibited and sold during this remarkable event of a lifetime. The world music festival brings together several music stars from across Africa and even Asia, America and Europe. This amazing festival began in 2010 and it cut across Uganda and from 2014, it was relocated to the Botanical Gardens in Entebbe.
No need to wait anymore or wonder about where to spend this weekend, this year the festival will kick off on 24th to 26th November 2017 at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. The Milege World Music Festival is a joint development of the Mayor of Entebbe and Milege Inc. The main aim of the festival is to exhibit the rare arts from various countries of the world as a high quality entertainment event and prime tourist attraction.
The event is a three day celebration of extra-ordinary arts, featuring exceptional array of bands, dance groups, DJ’s and musicians and to forget poetry, storytelling, visual arts, fashion, crafts, food and drinks all in the spectacularly scenic Entebbe Botanical Gardens. Additionally, there are also several sightseeing activities for children and adults together with the possibility of camping on the grounds of the Entebbe Botanical Gardens that will all make up your lifetime experience. The Entebbe Botanical Gardens site was laid out in 1898 by the first Curator. It is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria just in the centre of Entebbe town and it comes with the feeling of a faraway forest expedition, variety of trees of hundred years, herbal gardens, a cliff, shoreline and a tropical rain forest zone in where the film Tarzan was shot in the 1940’s. The place is incomparably one of the most exceptional areas that create a balance between nature and convenience at the same place. The festival basically offers you a chance to realize your dreams with lots of entertainment or chilling moments of lifetime. Early in the morning, you will first catch up with the fishermen or sun rise by the Lakeside or simply catch a glimpse of monkeys and many more.
Tickets are always found online and at the nearest selling points in Kampala and Entebbe Revelers who buy online can exchange a printed copy of their ticket fro a wrist band at the gate. When it comes to accommodation, there is no need to be worried. Entebbe has a wide range of accommodations that suit within visitors’ pocket right from luxury to budget. There is a five star Protea Hotel Entebbe about 2 (two) minutes from the Entebbe International Airport to comfortable African cottages at Uganda Wildlife Education Center, homely Lodges, back packers and amazingly pocket friendly accommodation. For visitors who love camping, Entebbe Botanical Gardens also offer the best and camp site just at the edge of the tropical rain forest zone.

For visitors at the Entebbe International Airport, you can get airport taxi or down the uber application and get a discounted or absolutely free ride to the festival place using the code MILEGE on Discounts go up to shs.15000. There is also public means the whole day until evening to and fro Kampala via Kampala to Entebbe highway or at the old taxi park in Kampala and the Entebbe taxi park at shs.3000. For movement in Entebbe, you can use safe Boda (Motorcycle). Using this means is equally safe as you are given helmet and the riders are careful while riding. They are easily spotted out with their orange helmets and reflector jackets bearing the name of the rider and company contact info.

In conclusion, Entebbe is one of the most stunning towns in Uganda. It comes with Entebbe International Airport where most of the flights take place. Its spectacular view alone is such remarkable experience not to be missed. For this weekend, don’t miss lifetime experiences at the Milege World Music Festival in Entebbe Botanical Gardens! 

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