Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Are you a Christian? Do you believe in Christianity? Is faith tourism one of your treasured leisure activities? It was on 3rd June 1886 that 22 Catholics and 23 Anglicans were killed in Uganda because of their faith, belief and denouncing Kabaka Mwanga’s orders. As well, the Muslim community commemorates about 70 young men who were killed due to their faith in 1878 by Kabaka Mutesa 1 a reason why 3rd June every year is designated as “Martyrs Day” in Ugandan calendar to commemorate their lives. Each year, Uganda sets 3rd June as a public holiday to give millions of Christians within and far to come and pay pilgrimage to Uganda Martyrs Shrine-Namugongo, Kampala. If you are a Christian or religious visitor, we encourage you to join Ugandan community for this event on 3rd June.

Pilgrims at Martyrs Shrine Namugongo
The celebrations start with Novena prayers across Uganda especially in areas where the victims of the Martyrs were born or killed from. The novena prayers start from 25th May to 2nd June. Several pilgrims from East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and across continents flock into Uganda’s Martyrs shrine for this event. Most of the pilgrims who come here include the young and old who walk miles and miles from the home areas to pay pilgrimage to Namugongo some thing that show honor, passion, love, faith and belief for Martyrs who shed blood for the sake of our lord Jesus Christ. Come and we strengthen our Christian beliefs together!

Pilgrims walking for Uganda Martyrs day
Due to this event that comes once each year, the Government, Catholic and Church of Uganda together with the Muslim community are committed to turn the Martyrs shrine as a tourist destination that remembers the lives of the martyrs. This event does not accommodate only the church community but also business community that comes in large numbers to provide foodstuffs and several merchandise to pilgrims a reason why the population in Namugongo drastically shoots up including its neighborhoods. There are also some good accommodation facilities around Namugongo Martyrs ground. Due to this event, security will be tightened by the police and the army to ensure that there is peace for the pilgrims.

The Martyrs who died

In conclusion, Uganda should not be considered for its fascinating wildlife species alone but also its faithful people. For religious tourists to Uganda-East Africa, never miss to pay a visit to both the Museum and Shrine at Namugongo-Kampala. Come and share your Christian life with the people of Uganda.

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