Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Do you treasure cultural safaris? Are you looking for culturally friendly facilities? Despite of recognizing South Western Uganda for its fascinating gorilla experiences, the region is also famous for its extraordinary cultural experiences at Igongo cultural center and museum. Igongo cultural site and country hotel is where the past meets the present!  Currently, Igongo cultural center and museum (site) is a unique place for one to experience lots of inspiring cultural practices and traditions that the South Western region demonstrates to the world. It is the leading cultural center that promotes the Ankole cultural Heritage in Uganda which is depicted in the motto “Wisdom is rooted in the past.” To day, very many tourists visit Igongo cultural center not just to explore the Western cultures alone but also to have a wonderful night in the decent accommodation facilities within the hotel and outstanding restaurant services that you should not think of missing if you want to have memorable stay in Mbarara. The Igongo cultural center and country hotel is situated a few kilometers in North of Mbarara town on the Masaka-Mbarara route. It is one of the best places for you to discover the truth about South Western and Western cultures, practices, traditions, history and many exhibitions at the museum and then rest comfortably in one of the decent rooms in the hotel.

In case, you are interested in reaching to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for your gorilla trekking experiences there is probably no reason for you to worry about where to sleep. Igongo cultural center is dully situated to serve visitors traveling to Queen Elizabeth National Park and those who are traveling for mountain gorillas in South Western Uganda. Many visitors make stop over on their way to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or while they are coming back.

While at Igongo cultural center, one should not miss to stare at the beautiful garden full of flowers and plants that depict the local country side, then continue to the museum, crafts shop and restaurant where you will be served with amazing breakfast or lunch to calm down the stress of long safari. As soon as you get into here, your mind should start thinking about traditional dishes that are served in the South Western and Western Uganda for instance millet bread, matooke together with ghee or take a local drink which is made up of millet and sorghum. I really believe you will enjoy this. All the ingredients in these products are locally grown which gives tourists to have a feeling of freshness and hence the local farmer also benefits in return as a product provider in Igongo cultural center and country hotel. Don’t you think we need to support these local farmers as a way to motivate them? For non vegetarians, be rest assured to taste the local meat of the Ankole cattle, no worries for the fatty meat here because the meat that will be served to you has less fat and less cholesterol compared to most of the beef menus. You stand for not just a healthier source of protein but a tasty meat.

Consider Igongo country Hotel as the best place that you must stay while you are in Mbarara Town. You stand to choose any type of accommodation of your choice because they range from cottages, suites, executive rooms to standard rooms which are all well furnished with perfect bathrooms and comfortable beds for the night.

Igongo cultural center never leaves visitors to go just like that when they are feeling hungry because there are 2 restaurants within the hotel that a visitor takes a choice as well. The cultural center is truly a restful and refreshing spot for visitors to partake lunch post a long safari on the road; immediately after your rest there are guides who will be waiting to take you to the museum where you will have interesting lessons on the history of Western people. Probably if you had more time here, your experience also increases especially in Village tour where you can learn about the trees and plants that are of medicinal use.

While in your visit to Igongo cultural center and museum, there are also astonishing cultural dances which will leave memory about Ankole dances of Uganda. Or alternatively, you can support the local community by purchasing some of the items that are locally made by people of Ankole land.

In conclusion, Igongo cultural center and museum should not be regarded for its delicious meals or decent rooms for the night alone but  also a place to enrich you with fantastic cultural experiences that the pearl of Africa has for you to enjoy. Have fun with us at Igongo cultural center and country hotel and you won't regret in life.

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