Sunday, 9 March 2014

The truth behind Ugandans' love for the crunchy Critters (Nsenene) - Cultural Safaris

When a visitor makes a cultural Safari to Uganda in December,he/she may get shocked to find a group of local people feeding on grasshoppers known as Nsenene in the local language (Luganda). These delicious critters are common during the end of the year and Ugandans impatiently wait for that season to enjoy the long awaited pleasure of eating the insects.

A safari to Uganda comes with a wide variety of experiences that a visitor has never seen in his/her home country and its good to know some of these rare practices.A typical Ugandan believes in many things that are attached to the cultural background and some of these are regarded as immoral practices to many visitors.This is why tourists should be briefed before embarking on their cultural safari to Uganda so as to get used and adjust to the practices.
A visitor is advised not to criticize some of the Uganda practices like eating of the Nsenene because it is their tradition and culture.While in the central Uganda,it is not by coincidence that you will find the young ones assisting their parents in the plunking of the grasshoppers'' wings and legs off.

To many local people,grasshoppers (Nsenene) are a daily snack which everyone enjoys including both the young and the old.A kilogram of nsenene costs around Ush15000 a price that is fair compared to the work and efforts used to catch the insects.People wake up as early as midnight and strategically locate their lamps to attract the insects.As soon as the insects gather around the light,a long cloth is used to swap and catch them.After the hunt,the insects are then washed before frying to make them clean enough for consumption.

While on a cultural safari to this great nation (Uganda),you can have a taste of these African snacks because they are extremely delicious.They are sold in different points in the country and don't get surprised to see a man in a taxi park carrying a bucket full of grasshoppers for sale.

However,a tourist is advised to obtain the African snack from a trusted clean place for safety reasons.After buying the snack,make sure that you take some water before and after eating to ease the digestion.Avoid rushing while eating to avoid chocking and always chew properly.

You cant wait to have a taste of this African-snack while on your cultural safari to Uganda  this December.Just book with our company and we shall organize the trip for you at fair prices.We shall ensure a safe and classic movement

through Uganda and also book accommodation for you relaxation.

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