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Get to learn some of the Cultural Languages of Uganda - Cultural Safaris

As the number of cultural Safaris increase in Uganda,many of the tourists start their trip from Kampala,the capital city of Uganda.This city is found in the central part of the country and it is in Buganda kingdom.
Buganda is the leading cultural setting in Uganda with a diverse collection of unique features that can spice up your Uganda Safari.The kingdom comprises of calm people who are inviting to all visitors regardless of the origin.The way of living in this historically rich tribe is interesting and this explains why tourists on a Uganda Safari end up spending more time in the kingdom than the actual planned time.

With all the many cultural attractions that are found in Buganda,there is no doubt that it is one of the leading tourists destination in Africa. Baganda speak a language known as Luganda and it is the commonest language used in this East African country.Therefore,a visitor is advised to learn the local language that these "Bantu-speaking " people use so as to ease their communication.Ugandans feel more comfortable when greeted in their mother tongue than when a foreign language is used.In case you cant speak the language to the require level,at least learn a few words that you can use while in the "pearl of Africa".
Some of the Luganda words that you can use while on you tour to Uganda (especially when in Buganda) include:-

Wasuze otya nno - Good morning
Osiibye otya nno - Good evening/Good afternoon
Ki kati - Hi
Oli otya - How are you?
Gyendi- is the answer meaning "I am ok"
Siiba bulungi - Have a nice day
Sula bulungi - Goodnight
Weeraba - Goodbye
Tukusanyukidde - Welcome(to one person)
Tuanalabagana - See you later

Addressing someone:
Ssebo - Sir
Nyabo - Madam

Expressing your feelings:
Ndi munyiivu- I am angry
Mpulira empewo- am feeling cold
Ndi musanyufu- am happy
Ndi mukkufu- am satisified
Mpulira ebbugumu-am hot
Ntide-am scared
Ndi mulwade- am sick
Ennyonta ennuma-am thirsty
Ndi munakuwavu-am sad
Nkooye-am tired
Enjala ennuma - am hungry
Ndi mweraliikirivu - am worried

Other words:
Weebale - Thank you
Mwattu - Please
Mwattu yingira - Please come in
Owange - Excuse me
Wangi - Pardon me
Kale - ok
Nedda - No thanks
Simanye - I don't know
Sawa mmeka - What is the time?
Nze - I am
Nkwagala - I love you
Mmmeka Ssente? - How much is it?

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