Thursday, 20 March 2014

Enjoying a Boda Boda ride in Kampala

Forget about the sky scrappers and ever-busy roads in your country,transport in Kampala,the capital city of Uganda is one of the easiest things to do on your cultural trip to Uganda.It doesn't matter which part of the city you are interested to go to but how to access the place in the least time possible.

All smiles on a boda-boda
Just like other cities in Africa,the common mean of transport is by use of taxis (vans) and boda-bodas.You might be wondering what the word boda-boda means but its simply a motorcycle used to carry passengers.These are ridden by highly skilled men who can weave in and out of traffic with ease.If its your first time cultural safari to Uganda,you might get shocked by this scary ride carrying a big suitcase and with no helmet.Don't thing that the word boda boda is a Ugandan word.In context,this word means "service every where" from Border to Border.

Trust me this experience is more adventurous and unique compared to just sitting in a car with all doors closed.While in Uganda,this is the quickest mean of transport which is not affected by traffic.
A boda boda carries a maximum of two people and tall passengers are advised to sit behind.Always ensure that you dont exceed the maximum number to avoid accidents.

Now you know what is compared to bungee jumping and skiing on a safari to Uganda.A ride on these boda bodas is scary and adventurous.
One of our clients enjoying a ride

But how will you experience it?Its easy.Just arrange a trip to Uganda with our company and we shall draft a city tour itinerary for you plus booking accommodation at fair costs.We can extend you tour to other villages in Uganda where you will get to see how the local people live and their rare lifestyles.

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