Monday, 17 March 2014

Cultural Safaris in Uganda affected by Pope's extention of his visit - Cultural Safari News

It may sound false to many people but the fact is that the planned jubilee celebration of the canonization of Uganda Martyrs that was scheduled to take place on 18th October,2014 was postponed.Ugandans has started to prepare for the visit which was expected to promote more cultural safaris in the country but were shocked by the news.
In 2013,through Dr.Cyprian Lwanga (the Arcbishop of Kampala Archdiocese),the Pope was sent a letter inviting him to grace the event which is meant to respect and remember the Uganda martyrs who died for their faith.The pope confirmed his visit until last week when he sent a message to Uganda citing that he was greatful for the invite but won't be able to come.

Whenever it comes to 3rd June of every year in Uganda,Holy pilgrimages to Namugongo shrine are made by people as a way of remembering the people who were murdered by the Kabaka of Buganda because of their faith.This event is known for its great impact on the tourism sector as cultural safaris in Uganda increase.
However,tour operators were expecting the pope's visit to act as a tool of marketing Uganda tourism potentials.This is because after visiting Namugongo Shrine,many would be attracted to extend to the various National parks plus enjoying cultural
tours in this great nation.

While at Namugongo,there are very many tourism potentials that portray the history of the late Martyrs including paintings,back clothes,spears and many more.This is why this Holy place also acts as cultural safari destination and many people tour this place.
Among the Uganda martyrs who were killed include;
  1. Achileo Kiwanuka
  2. Adolphus Ludigo Mukasa
  3. Anatoli Kiriggwajjo
  4. Ambrosius Kibuuka
  5. Ponsiano Ngondwe
  6. Nowa Mawaggali
  7. Mukasa Kiriwawanvu
  8. Mugagga Lubowa
  9. Mbaga Tuzinde
  10. Matiya Mulumba
  11. Lukka Baanabakintu
  12. Kizito
  13. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe
  14. John Maria Muzeeyi
  15. James Buuzaabalyaawo
  16. Gyavira Muoke
  17. Gonzaga Gonza
  18. Denis Ssuggwawo Wasswa
  19. Charles Lwanga
  20. Bruno Sserunkuuma
  21. Antanansio Bazzekuketta
  22. Andrew Kaggwa
These Martyrs were burnt alive by the king of Buganda because of their faith.Today,these people are remembered by the Church community worldwide and many tourists visit the Namugongo shrine. This leads to an increase in cultural safaris every year as people visit the shrine to enjoy great views of the ancient objects.

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