Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get enriched with Ugandan Culture on your Safari

Forget about the other adventures that come with a Ugandan Safari like Mount Gorilla Tracking,Chimpanzee trekking,game drive,bird watching,hiking,the diverse collection of cultural settings in the country are magnificent and worth a visit.With the government's conservation of culture,there is more hope that a higher number of visitors will be recorded this year mainly on cultural safaris.

Uganda is estimated to have more than 61 tribes each with a unique language and cultural norms.Among these tribes,its only 42 tribes that have tried to preserve their historical objects with rich heritage for visitors to view.A tourists can easily access any of the tribes and get a chance of experiencing the true lifestyle of an African man/woman without necessarily going through hardships.Ugandans are kind to visitors and are always willing to host any stranger just like their ancestors.

In case you want to touch the true heart of Uganda,just get in touch with its people and have a thrilling experience of unbelievable history.The treasure missed while in your country of origin is best discovered in Africa on your Cultural Safari to Uganda.Blessed with unique norms,the local people in this "pearl of Africa" respect and preserve their heritages collectively so as to easily trace their origin.

Meet and greet the local people and even have a village stay in one of Uganda's tribes to dig deeper into the African lifestyle. Get to know how Ugandans survive without the sky scrappers that are identical wit the western world.Though some African practices are criticized to be backward,they bring out the unspoilt real men and women of Africa and what they are used to.

Our company can help you to enjoy a trip of your life time that you will live to tell on the black continent.It is as simple as making a booking with us and we formulate an itinerary depending on your wish.We are experienced in organizing cultural safaris in Uganda and other East African countries.We can pick you from the airport and take you to the hotel in Kampala where you will relax and enjoy a night city view of Kampala.Wake up the next morning and get briefed before embarking on a cultural trip through the whole country.The whole Safari can take one week at fair costs.

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