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Climbing Kagulu Hill,believed to be haunted by over 46 spirits by Busoga People

The well of life on Kagulu hill has offered the people in Busoga hope as many climb the hill so as to get blessings from this supernatural small well.Kagulu hill is found in Buyende district where the founding fathers of Busoga’s royal clan rested as they moved from Bunyoro to Busoga via Lake Kyoga.Today Kagulu Hill has become a must visit tourist site and many visitors go their mainly to see this supernatural water that is said to cure people of their diseases. As a result,cultural safaris in this area have increased.This hill is estimated to have more than 1000 year and its huge rocks on the side are credited for an endless support to this holy site of Busoga.

Kagulu hill is subject of many mysterious tales many of them concerning its supernatural cultural background. Every king to-be of Busoga (Kyabazinga) has to climb this hill on his coronation day. In Busoga this is known as a ‘holy journey for the King’ and the main reason is that the king has to go up the hill and consult the gods of Busoga so as he is provided with Knowledge and wisdom to lead the Kingdom.

Climbing the hill
The journey to the top of the hill is interesting as you get a chance to see beautiful small shiny grey and black rocks which tradition says they were wives of the first king of Busoga.Around the hill there are also dark caves that are said to have been the hiding place for the king in times of war.

Up the hill is more attractive than the lower parts of this 10000 feet above sea level hill. This is simply because of the small attractive well that contains water that is said to be holy. This wall attracts people from all over Busoga who believe it gives good fortune. The residents claim that this well does not dry up even in drought times.Ngobi Fahad one of the residents of Kagulu said the water is a source of blessing but he added that it depends on what and how much you want from the gods. He also noted that dropping a coin into the water earns you a reward from the ancestors.

It is said that there is an oracle on this hill that is haunted by the 46 spirits that own and patrol the hill, and she is known as Mandwa Kagulu Nabiryo.She has a shrine at the top of the hill and always people enter it for blessings. Also on top of the hill there are multicolored snakes with two heads, two wells, and a dugout canoe that belongs to Nabiryo.

The spirits on the hill are harmless to the visitors and today many tourists climb the hill to have a glimpse on the wonders of African magic. Also a number of men and women climb the hill to ask the gods to strengthen their marriages and also bless them. Although the water of the well seems to be dirty, people still take it so as to show their seriousness in what they are seeking.

From Kampala taxi park, its 86km to Kamuli town in the Eastern part of Uganda. From Kamuli town, you board to Buyende town 30km west of the town. While in Buyende town, you are already at the place since its just 2km from the town to Kagulu village. The whole journey takes 4-6 hours. 
Other than reading about this adventurous place,a wonderful cultural safari  is the best idea.

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