Monday, 20 January 2014

What you didnt know about the cultural side of Uganda

Uganda is comprised of people belonging to various ethnic groups and speaking over 35 different African Languages.Swahili and English are Uganda's official languages.
Swahili was adopted by Uganda as an official language simply because of its wide coverage and link with the neighboring Kenya and Tanzania.This language enables Ugandans to freely communicate with people from Kenya and Tanzania and its known as a uniting language.For visitors planing a cultural safaris to Africa,Uganda is the best option due to its diverse culture which is as a result of the many tribes.

The largest tribe/group in Uganda is Buganda (Bantu speaking people) taking about a fifth of Uganda's population.These Baganda people mainly occupy the central region including Kampala-the capital city of Uganda.Their large number in Uganda makes Luganda language to dominate in Uganda.
There are also other Bantu-speaking tribes like Basoga, Toro, Banyoro.In the eastern and northern Uganda,there are Nilotics group and this includes the Karimojong,Acholi,Teso and Langi.

Cultural Dances
Just like other African countries,Uganda also takes cultural dances as part of pride and very important.These are done during ceremonies and special occassions.Each tribe in Uganda has its own cultural dances.
For example in the east of Uganda,the Basoga practice the dance called Tamenhaibunga and this dance is used to express the merits of friendship and love.The dance's name means that " good friends drink together and don't fight each other".
Though there are many cultural dances,the widely known dance is the Kiganda dance.While performing this dance,the performers move their lower body following the drum-beats.Its an interesting dance and visitors enjoy learning how to do it.However,the dance is a bit tricky and it requires some skills to keep the upper torso controlled and keeping to the rhythm of the beats from the drums.The dance is widely used in Uganda but its commonly performed in honour of the Baganda king.

In Uganda,there is maximum respect to religion and there are many religions.Most of the Ugandans are Christians (Catholics and Protestants),followed by Muslims and then the traditional believers.

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