Thursday, 16 January 2014

The forgotten cutural side of Kampala - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

Namugongo martyrs shrine
Uganda has got a diverse culture that many visitors are not familiar with.The many existing tribes in Uganda leads to diverse collection of people with different beliefs and norms.However,this culture is not easily identifiable to a first-time visitor because of the absence of buildings or monuments to reflect the country's wide culture.This means that a visitor is forced to read the history books about Uganda and make a personal visit to the grassroots of the culture.

Uganda's historical structures(particularly those in Kampala),have been razed down due to the on-going modernization of the country.However,this is destroying the originality and the true African feel that visitors expect while on their cultural safari in Uganda.The structures that are being destroyed describe the truth about Ugandan culture and people's origin.
Many other countries that have maintained their historical buildings have reaped milllions of dollars through cultural tourism but Uganda hasn't realized the trick.When you talk about Tourism in Uganda,people's minds only think about the Gorillas,animals, and the wildlife,as Kampala's cultural tourism potential are ignored.

One of the existing cultural buildings in Uganda is the Uganda Museum which ha an attractive L-shape.This heritage building was constructed in 1954 and it is well known for its unique appearance.There is no other building in Uganda with such a shape and this is the reason why tourists like making repeated visits to the site.
Another unique building in Kampala is the city mayors house in Luganda called Enyumba y'omukulu.This building has a unique shape and look that truly portrays Africa's architecture.This building is found in Rubaga Division just within Kampala.

There are also other buildings that give a rich history of the people of Uganda including Kasubi Tombs,Namugongo martyrs Shrine,old Indian-designed buildings in the different towns of Uganda and many more others.
There is need for the government of Uganda to protect some of the historical buildings just like other countries tat have decided to preserve their trace of origin like Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt,Amiens Cathedral ( a Roman Catholic cathedral) and many more.If this is emulated by Uganda,there is hope that cultural tourism in the country will improve and probably Uganda could be ranked among the the leading cultural safari destinations in the world.

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