Friday, 8 June 2018


Are you interested in the most thrilling cultural or musical festivals? Did you know that Uganda is one the best destinations with the most amazing and exciting festivals in East Africa? If you are planning to visit Africa to spend your next holiday and you are interested in cultural and musical festivals then Uganda is the best destination that you should consider a must to include in your travel plan. Not only is this remarkable country known for its most thrilling wildlife safaris and primate adventures but also for its varied festivals. Interestingly, the Kampala Capital City Authority’s biggest festival ever is back for you to enjoy. This remarkable event is due to take place on 5th to 7th October along Kampala road and over shs.1.9 billion is expected to be used to organize this year’s tremendous event. This year’s Kampala festival is largely meant to renovate schools. Following the previous years, Uganda’s music festivals have become famous not only in Uganda but also regionally something that has made this event a huge business for most of the organizers, social media and it is one way that most platforms can identify newly talented musicians. The event attracts thousands from within and East Africa at large and several tickets are purchased. Come and be part of this excitement together!

Other exciting festivals that are knocking at your door this year include the Nyege Nyege international music festival. This is set to take place on 6th and 9th September in the shores of the mighty Nile-Jinja. The popular Nyege-Nyege International Music Festival has been remixed this year as the MTN Nyege Nyege after they entered into a partnership with MTN Uganda. This tremendous event began in 2015 just as a brainchild of Arlen Disizilan and Derek Debru and ever since, it has attracted huge numbers at the source of the Nile for the most thrilling music experience ever. Variety of music performance is expected during this event and intends to attract hip hop, dance, RnB, Afro Beat a mention but a few. This year’s festival will attract the best performers across different countries right from Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, US, Belgium, Tanzania, DR Congo especially the Orchestre Les Mangelepa, the Congolese band which formed around 1976 and others.

The milege world music festival 
Equally, the milege world music festival is also back and it is scheduled to take place in November at Entebbe Botanical Gardens. If you have ever wished to enjoy the beautiful setting of the expansive Entebbe Botanical Gardens then don’t miss this incredible event. This music festival has existed for over 6 years. This is mainly intended to boost cultural music in the pearl of Africa. It will attract several participants across the world right from Europe, Asia, America as well as Uganda’s cultural musicians and also from other African states. The full list will be out by August!
Bayimba International Music Festival
If you are wondering about what to do or where to spend your leisure time around August then the Bayimba International Music Festival should be a must to attend for you. This festival will take place from second to fifth August along the shores of Lake Victoria. This event is usually shortened as Bayimba festival and it is conducted each year and you too can be part of it.

In conclusion, if you love culture then attending one of the above listed musical festivals should be a must for you while on safari in Uganda. Each event rewards you with a distinct experience and you will live to have a memory in your life.

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