Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Is Semuliki National Park one of your dream safari destinations in Uganda? Are you a cultural enthusiast and you are interested in the most thrilling cultural experiences but you do not know which local communities to visit? Wildlife safaris in any destination are never complete without cultural experiences! For nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts on Uganda safari to Semuliki Valley National Park, adding a cultural experience in your bucket list will reward you with amazingly the most memorable experiences. If you think of a safari to Semuliki National Park, never miss to pay a visit to one of the adjacent local communities and interact with the natives. Cultural safaris in this park offer you opportunity to interact with the amazing and the most welcoming Batwa people. A cultural tour to Semuliki National Park mainly takes you through exploration of incredible traditional norms and cultures of the rare Batwa people in their community. These dramatic human creatures are renowned hunters and gatherers in the Semuliki and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. They depend on Semuliki Forest for food, tools, medicine, shelter, despite the increased interaction and intermarriages with most tribes. Due to continued interaction with other local communities, the lifestyle of these unique human creatures has started changing.

However, tourism provides alternative sources of income for this marginalized group of people and offers them a chance to restore and display their endowed cultural history through music and traditional dances especially at Ntandi. Besides, they also make most of the handcrafts products that they sell to visitors and you can also grab one for your own memories. Interestingly, there is a Boma/cultural village which was built to help the Batwa in their cultural and traditional demonstration. While on a cultural safari in Batwa community, you will learn their ancient ways of hunting, live, work and you can also add village walks.

In conclusion, Semuliki Valley National Park is one of the least national parks in Uganda and yet it offers variety of amazing attraction and the most dramatic experiences. Not only is it popular for its rare wildlife but also for the most thrilling and authentic cultural experiences. This park is also ideal for game drives, birding, exploring the most powerful Sempaya hot springs and many more.

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