Friday, 2 March 2018


Are you a cultural enthusiast and you are planning your next safari to Murchison Falls National Park? Are you interested in community tourism? Have you heard about Boomu Women’s Group? A trip to Murchison Falls National Park isn’t only about exploring its spectacular savanna grassland wilderness and wildlife species but the best safari destination for you to blow your mind with authentic cultural experiences of lifetime. If you are interested in experiencing a true African setting then count visiting Boomu group a must for you while you are on Uganda safari. This park is situated northwestern Uganda and covers an area of about 3893 square kilometers making it Uganda’s biggest safari destinations. The Boomu cultural experience is truly African village in Uganda that is offered by the Boomu Women’s Group around the magnificent Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest Reserve just at proximity to Kichumbanyobo gate. This cultural group offers visitors on wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park a chance to explore African life. The group isn’t only for women but also includes some men that belong to this cultural group at Kigaragara village-Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest Reserve.

If you are a cultural enthusiast, it is at Boomu Women’s Group that you can experience and have the feeling of African village setting. Today, the group has about 40 members. To enhance your experience more, you can even spend a night at the traditional bandas or spare a day in the village with the Boomu Women’s’ Group to help you explore the way these people are able to survive in their rural areas. Boomu Women’s Group was initiated around 1999 with the aim of minimizing the level of malnutrition and poverty, help children go to school using the incomes got by the members. Around the 90’s the subsistence farmers in villages of Kigaragara and Kihaguzi were left with something small to acquire from the group given that the land was dry and little to sell. It is from this that they initiated craft making which later improved and today, it has turned to be a tourism community project with incredible village guided visits, restaurant, gardens and traditionally set accommodation facilities. The word Boomu denotes ‘togetherness’ and once you pay a visit to this area, you certainly won’t miss to see these people work together. The group began as a women’s group and today, it comprises some men. The community offers visitors with that authentic cultural experience that comes once in a lifetime. 

Today, this cultural group is visited by most visitors from Europe and other nations who come and have a hand in traditional activities like craft making, home stays, locally prepared food, the way herbal medicine is made, cultivation as well as cultural performances especially music and dances. If you are looking for areas that still offer culturally authentic African experience then Boomu Women’s Group is the best area for you. 
The food is freshly harvested and locally prepared and you enjoy it using your hands not forks or spoons. In case you are interested in western food, you can still grab a dish as it can be prepared for you and if you are a vegetarian, no need to worry, your needs are also covered here.
The accommodation facilities are traditionally built and there are African bandas for you to spend a night with good ambiance which comes with flowers, trees, shrubs and sounds of birdlife. There is also a campfire where you can sit around with elders to listen tales as they tell them to you about African customs and history.
In conclusion, a cultural visit to Kigaragara village also famous as Boomu offers you that authentic African experience of a lifetime though the village walk via the village isn’t all that touristic. If you are planning your next safari to Murchison Falls National Park to see 4 of the big five game never miss to visit this Boomu Women’s Group to have first hand cultural experience. This area is perfect for community tourism.

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