Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Are you planning for a Kampala city tour in Uganda and you do not know which places to visit? Have you ever heard about the Kabaka’s Lake? Did you know that the Kabaka’s Lake is the largest Lake in Uganda and the longest man made Lake in Africa? Featuring as one of the longest Lakes in Africa, the Kabaka’s Lake is situated in Ndeeba, Rubaga Division Kampala city center. It is just a few minute’s drive from Bulange and nearly five kilometers from the city center. It covers an area of two square kilometers and around 200 feet deep. The Kabaka’s Lake isn’t only an incredible water body but also cultural Lake. It is used for ritual performances and for coronation day.
It was built by the 52 Buganda clans from 1885 to 1888 at the time of King Mwanga the second. His plan was mainly to build a channel wide enough for him to navigate by boat across to Lake Victoria for swimming and fishing and staying at another palace he had constructed at Mulungu Hill around Lake Victoria. The Lake’s channel was also intended to serve as an escape waterway in the course of armed conflict with the British. Its constructed was urgent and it ended on second August 1888 prior reaching Munyonyo given the religious conflict that took place in the Kingdom at that time. This was one of the most incredible achievements that King Mwanga had at a time and its left a legacy despite the negative side of his history.

Unlike other Lakes, the Kabaka’s Lake features no river tributary and it is visited not only for relaxation and chilling but also for birding as it refuges more than 200 distinct bird species. There are amazing restaurant and conference services around Pope Paul Memorial Community Center which is located along Nabunya road in Ndeeba about 200 meters from the Lake. For visitor stay over, the nearby accommodation facilities include Emin Pasha Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, Hotel Ruch, Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel and many more.  Depending on your budget, you have many options to choose the best accommodation for your stay over after or before you embark on Kampala city tour to the Kabaka's Lake.

In conclusion, if you are interested in city tours in Kampala, the Kabaka’s Lake should be a must to include in your bucket list. Besides, catching a glimpse at its stunning sceneries, you will also have a chance to explore more about the King Mwanga. This Lake marks one of the greatest achievements for King Mwanga.

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