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Looking for exceptional cultural safaris in Africa? Uganda is undoubtedly Africa’s cultural safari paradise! Besides the famous adrenaline adventures in Jinja, the Busoga Kingdom Ministry of Tourism and Heritage also offers tourists with yet exceptional cultural experience along the Kyabazinga Royal Trail. If you are an anthropologist and you wish to enrich yourself with the diverse cultural practices, norms, customs and more about the Basoga or simply you have a great desire to support the development of local tourism attractions in Uganda, look not further than hitting on the Kyabazinga Royal Trail. Jinja is described as a “capital” of breathtaking adventures but it is also a cultural paradise for visitors on Uganda safaris and tours! Wildlife safaris in Uganda are only complete with cultural safaris.

Busoga Kingdom (Obwakyabazinga bwa Busoga) features as one of Uganda’s most respected and organized kingdoms in Africa. The Basoga were organized into chiefdoms and paid allegiance to the Bunyoro Kingdom and later Buganda. After the coming of the British colonialists, the Busoga chiefdoms were combined to make up the Busoga Lukiko that was first headed by Semei Kakungulu a Muganda British Collaborator. After the end of the Kakungulu’s tenure, the Busoga kept the arrangement and the title of Isebantu Kyabazinga was born and eventually the Busoga settled for a centralized monarchy that they enjoy up to date under the Kingship of His Highness William Wilberforce.

A cultural safari to the Kyabazinga Royal Trail exposes you to the royal, historical and cultural sites of the Busoga Kingdom for a deep understanding of the Busoga Kingdom which holds the strong history and cultural significance to Uganda. The Busoga area is rich in cultural and historical sites that are worth exploring while on the Kyabazinga Royal Trail including; the Iganga palace, Bishop Hannington site-which represents the mysterious murder of the legendary Bishop James Hannington in the 1885 by the orders of the Kabaka Mwanga the second while he was carrying out his missionary work in Uganda. Today this area has become a historical sacred site in Busoga area;

Kagulu rock which stands at 3048 meters with a gigantic rocks that provide breathtaking adventures as well as cultural exploration for cultural lovers. This hill is believed to be the first migration and settlement place in Busoga. The area offers opportunity for tourists to trace the history of this rock on a hill. Due to the grey and black gigantic rock with dots of green plus its surrounding areas have a historical attachment to the formation of Busoga. They are undoubtedly endowed with cultural heritage for the Basoga. Prior any journey to the historical site, visitors have to greet the caretakers of the rocks who are believed to be some of the remnants of the Bachwezi.

Explore the source Nile while on Kyabazinga Royal Trail. At this point you will find a plague marking the spot from which the Nile starts its journey via Uganda, Sudan and Egypt. The Source of the River Nile was at the site of the Rippon falls, on the west bank, you will find the John Speke memorial-a monument where Speke stood when he first sighted the source of the Nile on 28 July 1862 and hence the name Rippon falls. You will also explore the Mahatma Ghandi memorial statue which is just at the surrounding of Nile. or visit the Mpumudde hill where the late Omukama of Bunyoro, Kabalega-a Ugandan who resisted colonialism and believed to have met his death while on his way back to Bunyoro after serving his exile term in Kenya. In Ganda word Mpumudde denotes “I have rested!” There is also Bugembe palace for you to explore while on cultural safaris along the Kyabazinga trail. The Bugembe palace was established during the reign of Sir William Wilberforce Nadiope in 1965 which was ransacked by Idi Amin’s soldiers in the mid 1970s. Other areas for cultural enthusiasts to explore while on Kyabazinga trail are Jinja Cultural Center, Wanyange Afro tourism, Nyenga hill and Iyinga landing site.

In conclusion, besides the popular breathtaking adventure safaris at Jinja-the Source of the Nile, Busoga region is also a cultural paradise. If you are a cultural enthusiast, you have a reason to be part of the first people to hit on Kyabazinga Royal Trail for a reward of lifetime cultural experiences.

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