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Have you ever imagined about the smallest churches in the world? Are you aware that one of the smallest churches in the world exists in Uganda? If you love faith tourism, then visiting Nebbi district is the best choice for you to catch a glimpse of the exceptional Bethel church. This 18 kilometer drive church straddles on the stunning Biku hill, Northwestern Uganda. Featuring a width of 2.5 meters and height 8 feet makes it one of the smallest worshiping sites in the world which only accommodates a total of 3 people plus the preacher! This church was founded in 1996 by a Korean national Pastor Song and Henry Luke Orimbi the retired Archbishop of Church of Uganda and currently it stands as one of the most outstanding tourist sites in the country.
What is unique about Bethel church?
Bethel church is surrounded by 9 prayer points that allow people to pray, praise and to meditate on the word of God. The 1st prayer points lies on top of the hill and it comes with a big cross. The second point is a Lilliputian building made in remembrance of Jesus Christ with 12 windows in the Western and Eastern side reflecting the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ and it is where pilgrims pray for the surrounding nations of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya for spiritual peace and revival. This is also one of the points that provide the excellent views of Namrwodho falls that offers refuge to the elusive shoebill stork, the most fascinating and sought after bird species by bird enthusiasts in Uganda.

The 3rd prayer point is crafted in the map of Africa with 2 entrances, ten (10) windows that represent the 10 (ten) commandments in the Bible. This point is where all the African countries especially the Islamic states gather to pray to God. Whereas prayer points 4, 5 and 6 are placed in spacious quiet garden with point 4 crafted inform of a heart reflecting Jesus Christ’s Love with a cross of 33 stones that represent 33 years of Jesus Christ. Point 5 comes in the shape of arrow head reflecting the youth speed; it consists of 66 windows which represent 66 books of the Bible with 39 windows at the back demonstrating the books of Old testament and 27 windows reflecting the New testament. This point comes with 3 doors crafted inform of a standing man representing those who are well equipped with God’s word.

The 6th point is crafted in an alter shape that is a living testimony which church is a living providing to Jesus Christ’s mission and the rough stones on the cross signify that Christians are living stones. The 7th point is a round structure like the shape of the world and it is found at the back of a towering rock with an open ended cave at its base, and entering into it means one has to crawl from end to another to sight Jesus Christ’s suffering and it is a 5 minute crawl for the visitors through the cave’s darkness horrifying to the extent that one can imagine that the cave can easily breakdown and bury them there. The 8th point of this spiritual healing center contains 12 windows at its entrance reflecting the 12 stones on Aaron’s breast plate that is say the 12 tribes of all the saints.

The ceiling has 7 (seven) beams representing the 7 rainbow colors that also reflect God’s covenant not to destroy the world with floods again; the Eastern window provides views of the cross that is placed on the top, at point 2 a sight that offers the Christians a chance to always search for Jesus. The midpoint is set purposely for spiritual healing for people and the church whereby persons who come to the site meet God in a unique way, get vision for their future and to become bold soldiers for the Gospel. While in your safaris in Uganda, endeavor to visit site for your spiritual healing and you won’t be the same.

Regardless of its size, the church still took about 79 bags of cement for it to be constructed and it was built in such away that it takes a minimum of at least 500 years prior the weakening of the foundation.  

Lastly, Bethel church is a breathtaking tourist site that anyone planning his or her safaris shouldn’t miss out in life. It was established primarily to offer spiritual healing for people and for them to meet God in a special manner. Visiting this smallest church offers tourists with life time experiences! Including this church in your itinerary is the best option for you to realize endless memorable encounters. You can add it in your safari especially if you plan to visit tourist destinations in West Nile, Murchison Falls National Park-Northwestern Uganda.

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