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Do you love cultural encounters? Are you looking for the most exciting cultural safaris in Africa? Have you heard about the Kabaka’s Trail? Cultural safaris in Uganda are by far the most sought after experiences by tourists. With over 56 distinct tribes that are all confined in this country, visitors are never left out choice when it comes to cultural encounters. Uganda is often referred as a "melting pot" of cultures!! Hitting the Kabaka’s Trail forms another incredible experience that visitors should not miss out while in your cultural safaris in Uganda. While you plan to have a gorilla safari to the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Southwestern Uganda, adding Kabaka's Trail experience to your list is worth as it rewards visitors with unforgettable experiences of life time. The Kabaka’s Trail was initiated in November, 2001 and it provides tourists with the rarest safari experience on Uganda’s abundant cultural heritage as shaped by the regions Kings and their descendants. This trail connects to various cultural sites that are all within the reach of Kampala Capital City, central Uganda. If you are situated in long distant areas, the Kabaka's Trail is accessible within 40 minutes while driving. Take a journey down to the source of the Nile or any of the 10 beautiful national parks in Uganda but never forget to sum up your trip with the Kabaka’s Trail experience. 

Activities to participate in while in Kabaka’s Trail experience
The Kabaka’s Trail offers tourists opportunity to explore in depth the facts about Buganda’s history which also comes with exciting cultural dances, music performances, get a hand into craft making or listen to the stories, spiritual healing, traditional herbal medicines and traditional food preparation, among other exciting activities that are worth exploring while in the trail.
Cultural sites to be visited on Kabaka’s Trail
There are numerous heritage sites to be explored while on Kabaka’s trail. 

Kasubi tombs site:
The culture of Baganda is preserved in the palace before it is cemented as culture by the Ganda people. Visiting the heritage sites is very important as it reminder of varied cultural values and lifestyles of Ugandans since many have long forgotten about this remarkable culture. However, the sites are still undergoing renovation and restoration but this doesn’t stop visitors from paying a visit to this place. Kasubi tombs site which is located on Kasubi Hills, Kampala. The tombs site is the most lively religious site in Buganda Kingdom. The Kabaka is unquestioned symbol of spiritual, political and social state to every muganda. The Kasubi tombs site is also a burial ground for Buganda Kings and all the 4 Kings were buried in this site. This makes the site an integral place for Buganda's Cultural hierarchy in which ganda rituals are performed. Kasubi tombs are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Uganda.
As you head to Queen Mother’s Tomb at Kagoma, you will be welcomed by a thrill of drums as these energetic Baganda hit them loud and then continue to Wamala Tombs where Suusa 11 is sited. Katareke provided the Komera/prison ditch that Kabaka Kalema used to imprison and execute rival heirs to the throne.
Buddo is at the centre of Buganda Kingdom and has been the traditional coronation site for 700 years. Naggalabi Buddo site is located along Masaka route-Buddo Hill. This historical site is an area where the Kabakas of Buganda are coroneted and there are local guides to take visitors throughout the process in which the Kabaka are succeeded in the Kingdom.

Mpererwe holds a tomb for Kabaka Mwanga’s mother and this makes it a cultural centre to explore the detailed history of the Kabaka and the trail. Ssezibwa Falls is a spiritual site where sacred black River water is situated. The falls is a popular site for traditional healing and it is established in a place of exceptional naturalness. Interestingly, this site is often used for royal relaxation in the entire history of the Kingship in Buganda.

The Kabaka’s Trail is also supported by the Heritage Trails Projects partnerships with the guardian communities of the sites, together with the Kabaka Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization which plays a role in establishing the capacity of the people in Buganda region for sustainable community development in the kingdom which in turn enhances the quality of life of locals in Buganda. Other organizations include Action for Conservation through Tourism (ACT UK) and the Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA). The revenue that is got out of tourism activities is always channeled towards the preservation of the site and to assist the local community.

In conclusion, Kabaka’s Trail offers visitors opportunity to explore Buganda’s cultural and traditional practices and lifestyles. Visitors have a wide range of exciting activities to engage in while in the trail some of which include craft making, story telling from Buganda elders, exploring Buganda history, traditional dance and music performances as well as spiritual healing. Pay a visit to heritage sites like Kasubi tombs, Wamala Tombs, Katareke site, Kagoma Tombs and Naggalabi Buddo site among others. The Kabaka's Trail is the best way for you to begin or end your safari holiday in Uganda!! Besides, there are several Cultural Heritage Trails to be developed throughout Uganda and this will enhance cultural experiences for visitors in the country.

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