Tuesday, 19 April 2016

When is the best time to rent a car in Uganda?

Car hire is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Uganda and this is attributed the rapidly tourism industry in this East African country. These two go hand in hand because it’s the tourists from foreign countries who commonly go for car hire. Even some tour operators in the country don’t have their own vehicles so when they get clients; they outsource the cars from car hire companies like the Uganda Self Drive Ltd. This in the longrun leas to an improvement in the car hire sector and also attracts more people to rent cars instead of buying them.

But the most frequently asked question by clients interested in hiring cars is that “when is the best time to rent a car in Uganda?” This is an interesting question and am proud to say that is a client asks this, then he/she is well informed about the environments in Uganda. One may wonder why would someone ask some an obvious question but before reaching a conclusion, he/she should know that there are very many factors to consider while renting a car and one of them is the timing. Although one can rent a car at anytime of the year in Uganda, there are always good times to rent ones especially if one is interested in saving money. During the low season which is in the months of April, May, June and December, car hiring costs go low because they country receives few tourists in these months. The competition for clients by different car hiring companies increases and they reduce their prices to attract customers. This could be the best time to hire a car for someone interested in saving money.

For those clients interested in safety, during the dry season is the best time to hire a car. This is because the roads are less risky to use compared to rainy seasons when most Ugandan roads are in bad shapes to use. During rainy seasons, some roads in Uganda become muddy making its difficult for especially those on their first Uganda self drive experience to use. Its therefore advisable for tourists to only drive themselves during the dry seasons when it’s safer to use the roads.

Those two factors (price and safety) should be in someone’s mind while choosing the best time to hire a car from a Uganda car hiring companies. But the fact is that someone can have a successful experience on the roads of Uganda at anytime of the year.


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