Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ways you can have a successful cultural safari experience

Many tourists visit Uganda repeatedly but experiencing the same way they did on their last tour.They lack the basics of how to make their cultural safari tours a success without even the help of a tour company.Some tourists just pay their money with a company and wait fro fun to come their way without even doing something to provide the fun for them selves.Below are some of the things one can do to make a safari tour more colourful and enjoyable;-

Plan your safari well: Before you jump on the plane to Uganda,first draft a plan of how you want you tour to be.Off course you will need do this by the help of a tour company that you plan to use.Choose the various places you want to visit and attach a price to each.If you are planning a cultural tour,point out the various villages,sites,people and cultural centers you will visit while in Uganda.

Carry enough money: You all realize that all things work better if you have the money especially if in a foreign country.This is the reason why you are advised to carry enough money so as to meet the various bills which you may be required to clear while on a safari.Never carry inadequate money while on a safari because you may fail to enjoy safari to the maximum.The money will enable you buy some art crafts,visit extra places,buy African clothes and many more.

Research about the cultural norms in the host country: Before you visit Uganda,there is need that you get to know some things allowed and those that are not allowed culturally.Some of the things you are used to may be unwanted according to African context and this is the reason why you need to research to avoid disappointments.Get to know the cord of dressing,how to great,how to respond to different circumstances and others.

Carry enough clothes: Though some tourist prefer buying clothes from their respective destinations,its is wise to carry enough clothes for the days you will spend on a safari.Choosing the right kind of clothes to carry depends on the culture of you destination.

Make a good choice of places to visit: Do not just pick a place because a tour company has told you that is is the best place to visit but choose a place that you think will be satisfactory to you.Choose wisely depending on your desires.

Choose a credible tour company: The success of any safari largely depends on the tour company used and this is the reason why you need to choose a company that is credible and experienced like Maranatha Tours Uganda (www.adventureugandasafaris.com).

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