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Languages spoken in Uganda - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is one of the African countries with the highest number of ethnic languages.This is as a result of the many ethnic groups that are found in this East African country.The total recorded number of languages spoken in Uganda are 40 and they mainly fall into 3 families including the Bantu,Central Sudanic and Nilotic.
Though English is taken as an official language in Uganda,it was inherited from the colonial government (British).
Currently with the East African integration,Swahili has been adopted as the region's important language because it is widely known and easy to learn.

Among the Bantu speaking people of Uganda,there are various languages that are spoken and these include,Lutooro for Batooro,Luganda for Baganda,Lusoga For basoga,Lunyankore for Nkole people,Lukiga for Bakiga,Lugisu foe Bagisu and many more.These Bantu languages have common dialects and common words that make them sound related.

The Eastern Sudanic has go several languages too that are represented by various Nilotic languages like Karamojong people speak Bari language and Teso people speak Ateso.Others include;Acholi, Adhola language,Langi and Kumam language.

Initially,English was the leading promoted language in Uganda and every Ugandan strived hard to learn this colonial language but Swahili has started taking course.Initially,Swahili was being used by police men and soldiers but today,it is being taught in schools and this has led to a rapid spread of the language.
The introduction of the Swahili language was seen as threat by the Baganda people as they thought that it could lead to an end to Ganda language and therefore,they advocated for English to bemade as the official language.On top of that,they started teaching Luganda in schools too.

Luganda is one of the most commonly used languages in Uganda and it is hard to find a person in Uganda who can not speak at least a Ganda word.The location of Uganda's capital city (Kampala) in Buganda has also led to the wide spread of Luganda in the country since everyone who visits the city is enticed to lern the language.

However,Luganda's spread has s not ruled out the fact that Swahili is Uganda;s national language.Ugandans are now more focused to learning Swahili than Luganda.

Uganda's ethnic languages are easy to learn and many visitors find them selves speaking some of the common languages in Uganda.

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