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Langi culture - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

The Langi people are mainly found in the Northern Uganda and they take 6.1% of Uganda's population,making them one of the most populated ethnic group  in Uganda.
In Uganda,these Nilo-Hamites are found in the districts of;Lira,Otuke,Amplatar,Alebtong,Apac,Kole and Dokolo.
Also known for their superior ,highly moral-sensible characteristics,the Lango people are brave are venturous warriors with a hardworking individualistic mentality.
The Langi people are said to have a relatively common background with the Karimojongs,Iteso,Kakwa and Kumam,and this because they all originated from the Northeast (from Ethiopia).
The Langi people are mainly pastoralists and they greatly survive on milk and meat.
Langi girls performing Naleyo dance 

History about the Lango people
History has it that these unique people of Uganda moved from the southeastern direction from Shilluk area and temporarily settled at a place known as Otuke hills.At this place,they met the Ateker and Luo people before reaching their destinations.
This led to several wars and raids amongst these groups because everyone wanted to be the leader of the other.But also,there were inter marriages among them especially the Luo warriors married many of the Langi girls.
This all together led to the duplication of the Langi language and by the time they reached their present home,they were already speaking a language close to Luo.
They established themselves in the northern Uganda and started farming and cattle keeping.They multiplied in number and a time went on,they became one of the strongly established ethnic groups in the country.

Social lifestyle 
The Langi people are well organised and they mainly construct huts as their houses.A Langi village has more than 100 huts that are built following a specific pattern.Since they are farmers,they always put up granaries just outside their huts to keep their harvested crops safe.
The Langi people are calm and they are inviting to any visitor and this explains why many cultural tourists prefer this unique part of Uganda.
 People in this ethnic group are divided into clans and each clan has a clan leader known as a chief.These clan leaders are supposed to report to the King about what is happening in their clans.

Cultural dressing-In the past,the Langi people never used to put on clothes but had their unique personal adornments.As for men,they used to walk completely naked while the women used to wear ajoo (bark cloth),and this was when they still lived with the Karimojongs.
This lifestyle changed when they came into contact with the Acholi during the Luo migration who were by then used to wear some clothes.They adopted this Acholi system and started wearing clothes.

Dance-Naleyo Dance:The Langi people are know for their good performances of this dance.The dance involves a men striking the breasts of the standing women in a line,all jumping and stamping the ground.

Marriage:In Lango,lineage  is the key factor in choosing a partner and a boy is supposed to meet the term and conditions set by the girl's family.The commonly used item as dowry is cattle.

Just like the Baganda or Banyoro,Langi people also have an hereditary King who is respected by all his people including the chiefs.
Initially,Langi Kingdom did not have a king but had various chiefs who could lead a specified part of the kingdom.These chiefs would be elected by the people of their respective clans.
It was of late that Lango Kingdom decided to have one hereditary King who heads the whole Kingdom.

Food eaten by the Langi people
These people mainly eat Akaro (food made from a combination of millet,cassava flour and sorghum,mingled in a proportionate quantity of water.

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