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Bunyoro culture - Cultura Safaris in Uganda

Banyoro people are part of the bantu speaking people and they are found in western Uganda in the districts of Kibale,Masindi,Kiryandongo,Buliisa and Hoima.Their origin is the same as that of other Bantu people and are believed to have come from the Congo region.
The Banyoro people have a unique culture that is portrays the true African culture because of their way of living. Some of the unique cultural practices of these people include;
The Omukama (King)of Bunyoro

When a child is born in Bumyoro,the child’s parents or grand parents are supposed to choose a suitable name for him/her. This name is based on the clan that the child belongs to. Incase of twins, there are special names that are used and a traditional ceremony for the naming has to be done. Names are based on various aspects like death,poverty,spirits,sorrow and many others.
There are also names that are given to children and they don’t belong to their clans but stating any situation in the community. These names state the situation in which the parents are in and in most cases, clan elders must be consulted.

Marriage is another special traditional activity that Banyoro people are fond of. The most families in Bunyoro are polygamous with one man and many wifes.Unlike other tribes in Uganda, in Bunyoro,bride price can be paid after marriage when the couple ha settled. They do this to allow the man to first get enough funds and at the same time looking after his family.
 The process of marriage starts from a boy and a girl coming to a mutual agreement and then later informing their parents.If the parents are comfortable with the ideal(specifically the girl’s parents),then plans for a traditional wedding starts.The traditional ceremony is funded by the groom and the bride’s role is only consent. In Bunyoro,a  boy is not supposed to marry a girl from his clan and likewise.
Political set-up
Banyoro people have a centralized system of government with a leader known as the “ Omukama” who commands respect from his kingdom. The kingship is hereditary. The king is helped by his chiefs who head various regions of the kingdom in running the affairs of the kingdom. The king organizes traditional meetings with his chiefs and the chiefs are supposed to update him about what is going on in their respective regions.

Another traditional activity that is done by the Banyoro people is the Empanga ceremony. This is carried out when a new moon is seen. People gather at the king’s palace, sing and dance to the rhythms from the played drums and other wind instruments.

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